Church Council

The Church Council is responsible for the oversight of the whole of the congregation’s life.  The council includes 10 elected members (the Elders of the congregation) and our Minister of the Word.  Meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday and the council also participates in an Annual Retreat.

Elders are elected at a Congregational Meeting each November.  However due to COVID 19 the Congregational and Annual General meetings are being combined and delayed until Sunday 6th June.  Details here.  Nominees must be confirmed members of the UCA or members-in-association (ie confirmed members of another denomination). Meet our current elders. We’re always on the lookout for potential future Elders, so if you’re interested in serving in this way, contact Shawn Whelan (0418 613 898‬) for more information.

Policies and key decisions

Our work is guided by BUC’s Strategic Plan 2018-21.

The following pages will be progressively updated for members to access policies and other key decisions of Church Council.

See also the UCA Constitution & Regulations  (section 3, Government & Administration – Church Council) and the UCA Manual for Meetings.

Other Church Council documents, including all meeting papers (agendas, reports and minutes) are available through a shared DropBox. Current members of Church Council, please ask the Secretary for access to this important resource.


The work of the Church Council is supported by ten committees / areas of responsibility

A number of our committees themselves oversee other (sub)committees, programs and activities.  Committees report to the monthly Council meetings.

The map above provides a ‘snapshot’ of the committees and roles of the Council and the corresponding areas of responsibility. In 2012 we developed the ‘Working Together’ documents in order to provide a comprehensive framework to guide committees and individuals in their work.

Find out more about each of the committees here: