Here you will find a collection of reports that provide the opportunity to learn more about the mission and ministry activities of our congregation. Please be aware that some documents may be restricted to the Ministry Team and Council members and a couple of committees.

Culture of Safety (2016)
On Sunday 17th April the Moderator Dan Wootton presented our congregation with a Safe Church Recognition Program certificate. You can read the story from the March 2016 Olive Branch here and listen to the presentation here.

Indigenous Recognition Sculpture (2013)
The Indigenous Recognition Sculpture (in the front corner of our property) was installed in December 2012. The sculpture acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and also the significance of the gum leaves used in the opening of the church after the renovations to our property in 2010.  You can read the story here.

Mission Planning documents (2016)
In 2016 the Church Council appointed a Mission Planning Co-ordinator to guide the process of discernment and planning set aside for the second half of the year. Through this process the council wanted to celebrate and affirm the work of the many committees, groups, programs and activities at BUC and to ask two questions: how can we build on these strengths, and how can we resource and support them in 2017-21? The Mission Planning report was the outcome of this process.

Olive Way Kitchen Briefing Report (2018)
The final report of the Olive Way Kitchen Briefing by an External Consultant advises against modifying the Olive Way kitchen to solve issues of safety, food handling and congestion. The report notes that the cost would be significant – $30,000 to $50,000 – and the modifications would actually take away space from the existing Olive Way area. The author states that “the Olive Way drop-in service has outgrown the space it currently uses”.
The report recommends a trial relocation of the Olive Way to the existing Hall space. The author notes that issues of storage, access, suitability of larger kitchen (in the Hall), and ambiance may be addressed through adjustments to existing facilities. A trial would highlight what changes might be needed and potentially where further spending might be needed.

Olive Way Progress Review Report (2018)
BUC commissioned a full review of OW in 2015 and also commissioned this progress review in June 2018 through the church’s Justice and Mission Group (JAM). The objective of the progress review was “to evaluate the overall operation of the Olive Way and make recommendations for say the next 3-5 years. Include in the recommendations any desirable new directions and an indication of resources which may be needed.”  The final report is available here.

Olive Way Review (2015)
In 2015, after seven years in operation, a review of the Olive Way program was conducted with Presbytery support. The final report is available here.

Pastoral Care report (2014)
In 2014 a review of our Pastoral Care ministry and structures was undertaken leading to the launch of the report – A Threefold Vision for Pastoral Care at BUC – on Sunday 24th August. This report has now been implemented leading to the development of Compassion, Hospitality and Community Teams.

Pathways to the River (2013)
In December 2012 the Church Council commissioned a review of the Children & Youth programs. The outcome of this review was the Pathways to the River report which was presented to the congregation during worship on 4th August 2013. The report together with appendices has continued to shape our children & youth ministry.
Read the Report
Read the Appendices
Read the Survey Results
Two years later we celebrated the movement in this ministry. Julie Perrin, Children & families worker offered this meditation in the August 2015 Olive Branch.

Renewal Process (2010)
Brunswick Uniting Church was formed from the merger of several earlier congregations, most recently (in 2005) St. Andrew’s and South West Brunswick.  Part of the vision for the 2005 merger was to explore new opportunities for vibrant worship and effective ministry to the community around us.  In planning for this future we considered how we could better use the site, including possible renovations to our worship centre and other buildings.
The first step in this Renewal process was the preparation of our Concept Statements, which talk about the Values, Treasures and Needs that informed our brief to our architect.
For a record of the works in progress have a look at BUC Renewal Process, a collection of pictures and reports describing the building phase from April to November 2010.
You can also view our Open Day Celebrations.

Safe Behaviours Discussion paper (2016)
In 2016 the Church Council engaged the congregation in a discussion about some of the challenging behaviours that were being experienced on our site. The discussion paper provided the congregation with a clear understand of the issues, a theological reflection and options for responding.

Sanctuary (2016)
In February 2016 our congregation made a commitment to be a potential sanctuary for asylum seekers at risk of immediate removal to Manus Island or Naura. The council circulated this letter explaining the decision.

Strategic Plan 2018-21 (2017)
The 2018-21 Strategic Plan is intended to guide the work of the Church Council as it leads Brunswick UC.  This plan is the product of various sources including the 2016 Mission Planning Report, feedback from committees and discernment by Council.

Student House Review (2016)
The Student House Review Report was completed in late 2016 by members of the Children, Youth and Young Adult (CY&YA) committee.  The Student House program is highly valued by students, community and the church. Throughout 2016, with a new support worker, Anika Jensen, and a tine of transition for the Student House committee, it made for good timing for a review.
Anika, Ann and Anita met for a month in September/October 2016 and co-ordinated the gatherings of reflections of the Student House Program (SHP) from past and current students, committee members, Ministers of the Word and Coordinators.
The data has been rich and enlightening.  It has shown overwhelmingly the importance of the SHP as a life giving and life saving outreach of the Brunswick Uniting Church (BUC).
Please read and reflect on the themes of the review at your leisure, and feel free to ask questions and be curious about the way our wonderful Student House Community works!   The report is available here.

Why all the Olives?
Have you ever wondered why we have so many documents and programs beginning with the word Olive? Yes? Read the story here!