Olive Way

The Olive Way is a drop-in centre through which we offer hospitality to the wider Brunswick community.

After a long wait and a difficult lockdown period last year Olive Way has finally fired up again in 2021. It will be a different look at least for the first part of the year whilst we continue to contain the spread of COVID 19 in the state. This will mean that we will be meeting the church hall so that we are able spread out and maintain social distancing as much as we can, entry will be via the Sydney Rd entrance (look for the sandwich board) and exiting via the back yard door onto Merri St. During this time we will be only be offering fresh sandwiches with fruit and veg that will be pre-packed so that people have the option of taking it away, as well as reducing the potential for cross-contamination (served in compostable containers).

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Olive Arts

The Olive Arts Collective is a grass roots initiative and a collaborative group comprised of people who love to create visual art in all its forms.  Our key objectives are to provide a place of safety, acceptance and hospitality and we believe that this creates an environment for creativity to be nurtured and developed. Participation, creative exploration, empowerment, compassion, diversity and respect for each other underpins this space and the artworks are the creative expressions of these key values. Our aim is to encourage the emergence of this creativity.

The Olive Arts Collective returned to the Youth Hall from Wednesday 3rd February, 10am-noon.  See Olive Arts Collective returns for the details.

Student House Program

The Student House program provides a place to live for tertiary students moving from the country to the city. They are supported to live in community together and to actively participate in the life of a church community as they undertake their studies.

On the third Sunday of the month, at 7pm, our BUC Student Houses are hosting a meal, great chat, and study of Mark’s Gospel. It’s designed for those in Years 10 to final year of Tertiary study.

Contact Dave Hall, 0417 310 128, for more information.

Sunday Morning Program

The Sunday Morning program is back onsite post COVID.  We are offering two groups in the Big Hall: one for the Primary school aged children – Kinder to Grade 6 and one for the Secondary school-aged youth – Year 7 to 9 or 10. This is more discussion-based, sometimes using video clips, drawing on the themes being explored in church that week.  See Growing in Faith for more information.


YUCY is the name of BUC’s Youth Group. It’s designed for those in Years 7 to 10. Grade 6’ers can join in Term 4 each year…(!).  It’s on about once a fortnight during Term time, usually on a Friday night.  For YUCY, the focus is on the fun, on the social. Interested? Contact Dave on 0417 310 128.  See Growing in Faith for more information.

Check out our Facebook page.

Olive Pips

Olive Pips is BUC’s occasional playgroup for the little-uns (pre-schoolers). We meet about once every 6 weeks, usually on a Saturday morning in the sun-filled space at the entrance of the church. Covid-permitting, we bring a few snacks to share, have some decent coffee, and give your small children a good range of activities.  See Growing in Faith for more information.