Who’s Who

There are so many ways in which we connect through the ministry and mission of our congregation. The following information and documents will help you to make sense of ‘who’s who’.

Visit the Meet the Team page for Ministry Team profiles and Council member photos.

Contact details available here for:

Olive Pages

The Olive Pages is our directory of contact information including names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses for all congregation members (except where people have requested that information be withheld). There is also a section detailed the members of Council and members of our committees.

It is updated in full in March of each year with other minor updates during the year. Click here.


We are blessed with an extraordinary number of musicians offering their gifts in leading worship on Sundays. Click here to find out who they are – you might be surprised. Please feel free to offer your name as a musician and join in the fun of playing with different musicians every Sunday that you are rostered.

Congregation database

The council and pastoral care committee use this information to support active oversight and care of our wonderfully diverse and complex congregation. Database access is restricted to the Ministry Team, Council and Pastoral Care committee members. Click here to access the database.