Members Area

The Members Area includes lots more information for members of BUC (including anyone who has been actively involved and is exploring becoming a member). It’s a great resource that we encourage all members to use.

Applying for a username and password is easy, and we respond to requests as quickly as possible. You’ll be prompted to apply or log-in as soon as you click on a protected page within the Members Area.


  • Vision & Values
  • Strategic Plan
  • Congregation Meetings
  • Membership
  • Renewal Process

Council & Committees

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  • Worship
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  • Wider Church

Finance Resources

  • Finance Reports
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  • HR Details
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  • Bequests


  • Annual Reports
  • Church Directory
  • Monthly Newsletter
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  • Information for Newcomers

Resources & Reports

A collection of reports that provide the opportunity to learn more about the mission and ministry activities of our congregation. Please be aware that some documents may be restricted to the Ministry Team and Council members and a couple of committees.

Who’s Who?

  • Contacts
  • Olive Pages
  • Musicians
  • Database