On 24 November 2019, Brunswick Uniting Church adopted a resolution declaring a “Climate Crisis”.
It builds on our longstanding commitment to environmental action.

Original resolution

Brunswick Uniting Church (BUC) resolves to declare a climate crisis, as follows:


As UCA President, Dierdre Palmer has written to all UC congregations:

This earth is created by our good and generous Creator. We are connected to the Earth and are called to live with care and respect toward the whole Creation. In the scriptures and in our present context we hear Christ’s call to participate in Christ’s renewal of the creation. Climate refugees, widening deserts, polluted oceans, endangered animals and vanishing forests are signs of the suffering of our planet, and a cry for us to take compassionate action as disciples of Christ. We are passionately committed to contributing our [prophetic] voice and action toward a world in which all people, creatures and the Earth can flourish.


BUC recognises that we are in a state of climate crisis that requires urgent action for climate justice by all levels of government, business, the community, as well as by individuals.


Under the direction of Church Council, and in consultation with local Aboriginal people, BUC will develop a Climate Crisis Plan for the church community by May 2020, including goals and action plans for the following commitments.

  1. BUC will continue to develop our theological understanding and our personal & collective discipleship as the people of God living in a time of climate crisis.
  2. The plan will include specific targets for BUC to become carbon positive. We will encourage and empower households to do the same.
  3. BUC, both collectively and as individual members, will engage with the wider church, as well as other faith communities, groups and people in our local communities, on the climate crisis.
  4. BUC, both collectively and as individual members, will urge all levels of government, as well as business, to declare a climate crisis and commit to restoring a safe climate by immediately allocating the necessary resources across the economy, and by changing unsustainable business practices.

BUC will commit resources to implement the Plan, consistent with the targets and timelines that it will spell out, noting the urgency in times of crisis.

Adopted by consensus, Congregational Meeting, 24 November 2019.

Climate Crisis Action Plan Adopted

Church Council has now adopted the Climate Crisis Action Plan!
This Plan commits Church Council and Committees of BUC to take a wide range of actions, based on the four main commitments of the original Climate Crisis resolution. It encourages individual members of the congregation to get involved, both in church actions and in their homes and workplaces.
The Plan will be a living document. So please feel free to email feedback to Shawn Whelan or Maxine Loynd at any time.

Contact Richard Arnold to get involved in the Climate Action Group.

Church Council adopts the Climate Action Plan
During worship on 2nd August Maxine Loynd, BUC Elder explained the development of the Climate Action Plan and how we can be involved in the implementation of the plan.

Responding to the plan
On Trinity Sunday Maxine Loynd, BUC Elder and member of the of the Climate Action group outlined a variety of opportunities to respond to the goals in the draft Climate Action Plan.  Please respond to Maxine or Shawn by 19th June.

Climate Advocacy
Jamie Thom, member of the Climate Action group, offers an invitation to explore climate advocacy.  A meeting will be held on Sunday 14th June at 11:30am.

Want to get involved?
Maxine Loynd, BUC Elder and member of the of the Climate Action group provided this update during worship on Palm Sunday.

Other climate action news

Green Power

We’re delighted to announce that BUC has taken a significant step by switching our Sydney Rd site’s electricity from 20% to 100% GreenPower.

In addition to supporting renewable energy generation in Australia (through the GreenPower surcharge), our electricity usage is now also offset through high quality Carbon Offset projects. Powershop Australia, our new provider, invests in these on our behalf as part of its standard (and price-competitive) service.

We have also (in June 2020) transferred to Powershop Gas supply, which is also “carbon neutral”. That is, the carbon emissions from our gas usage are offset by Powershop on our behalf .

Powershop “switch a friend” bonus now available!

Would you like to help yourself, BUC and the planet all at the same time? If you switch to Powershop electricity based on BUC’s referral, then they will credit you and BUC with $75 towards each of our accounts. 

Naturally, you should do your homework about whether that makes sense for you overall.

If you do want to switch, and credit BUC as part of the deal, follow this link:


Letter writing

Write a letter to our parliamentarians.   Please see the attached draft letter prepared by Richard Arnold.
Addresses/contact details  for all members of Parliament can be found here.  This includes both the House of Representatives and the Senate.