The Worship and Justice Mission Committees and the Climate Action Group plan worship together for the Season of Creation.  This provides an opportunity to explore our relationship and interactions with creation and actions that we might take in response to the impacts of climate change.


Ecological Spirituality 

During the 2022 Season of Creation the Laudato Si spiritual exercises from Pope Francis’ encyclical “on care for our common home” were a key part of our worship.  Copies printed on card were available at worship, also available to download here.

We focussed on Ecological Spirituality, the sixth goal, each week:  How am I faring in developing Ecological Spirituality?

We reflected on and responded to one or two of the other six goals across the four Sundays.


During the Season of Creation we turned our attention to the Earth, Humanity, the Sky and Mountains.  

We were reminded of our place in creation – not as the centre but as part of the wholeness.  We were encouraged to see creation differently, to embrace the vocation of serving and watching over the earth, to listen for the solid speech of God and to live out the reconciling grace of our creator along the way of the cross, embodying together the radical newness of Peace Mountain here in this city.  


Across the four Sundays of the Season of Creation we connected with specific components of the Climate Action Plan .  Members of the Climate Action Group offered presentations during the offering with the first two Sundays offering information and the third & fourth an invitation to make our own response.


The Season of Creation was a wonderful vibrant opportunity to explore our relationship to and responsibilty for the beautiful fragile planet that is our home.  The BUC Arts committee set us on this journey with the invitation to participate in and contribute to the biennial exhibition with the evocative theme ‘Let the earth speak’.