Our Olive publications provide a variety of ways to share the news and stories of our congregation.

The Olive Harvest is our collection of Annual Reports which provides a fantastic picture of the life and ministry of our congregation from the preceding year.  This collection is received at our Annual General Meeting, usually held on the last weekend in February.  This year’s Olive Harvest is available here.

The Olive Pages is our Church Directory,  a document which provides the names and contact details of everyone in the congregation together with the membership of our Council and committees.

The Olive Branch is our monthly publication, a collection of reports, stories, news and information about regular and special events.  It is distributed in a printed version by request or by email.  View the collection here.

The Olive Press is our weekly newsletter providing information and news about events in our congregation, the wider church and community. A summary version is distributed via MailChimp on Thursday evenings with direct links to events and information on the website.  The full version is available on the Welcome page of this website and also in a printed version at worship.  See the footer to request access to the MailChimp list.

The Olive Bite is a folded A4 leaflet which summarizes the upcoming events and regular activities of our congregation together with the contact details of people responsible for them.  It is provided to newcomers by welcomers and members of our Hospitality Team at worship.  The Community Team has prepared a Community Map to accompany the Olive Bite.

Why all the Olives?
Have you ever wondered why we have so many documents and programs beginning with the word Olive? Yes? Read the story here!