Coronavirus update

Please help
keep BUC

As you might imagine, the coronavirus safety measures are having an impact on the ways we make our offerings. These offerings continue to be essential to support ongoing ministry and mission.

Please give directly to BUC, if possible. This could be a regular automated amount or a one-time payment that you set up each week. You can easily set up either approach through your online or mobile banking, using these details for our bank account:

BSB: 013 236
Account: 868 7863

Please write “Gift” or “Offering” in the reference line, so we can distinguish it from other kinds of deposits.

If you prefer to put cash aside each week, please keep it in an envelope in a safe place. Let us know, and we can identify a contact person who can collect and bank your offerings from time to time (subject to health restrictions).

Contact any member of Finance Committee for more information or assistance. Thank you for continuing to support BUC’s worship and mission in these challenging times!

Finance Committee – information and resources

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing and administering the congregation’s finances, including assistance with priority setting and administrative services from budgeting to banking to paying bills.

We have a range of resources below. If you need further information contact our Treasurer Shawn Whelan (0418 613 898‬).

Members of the Finance Committee are absolute legends …

Shawn Whelan

Interim Treasurer & living Legend

Linda Wannan

Former Treasurer & continuing Legend

Naomi David

Padawan Legend

Mal Rowe

Grand Master Legend