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On 24 November 2019, Brunswick Uniting Church declared a “Climate Crisis”. In 2020, we adopted a Climate Crisis Action Plan.
These steps build on our longstanding commitment to environmental action. We are also an active member of ARRCC.

Besides our collective action, BUC households are taking action for Climate Justice.

We’re on our way to Zero Emissions by 2040 – Check our 3-year update report to the Congregation on progress with our Climate Action Plan

Read more about our journey (below left) and news updates (below right).

Climate Crisis Declaration

Brunswick Uniting Church (BUC) resolved to declare a climate crisis in November 2019.

Green Power

Our purchased electricity (after our solar production) is beyond carbon neutral, and our remaining gas is 100% carbon neutral (using carbon offsets). Learn about GreenPower for your home.

Letter writing

Write a letter to our parliamentarians.   Please see the attached draft letter prepared by Richard Arnold.
Addresses/contact details  for all members of Parliament can be found here.  This includes both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Climate Action Plan – 3 year update

Brunswick Uniting Church –  3-Year Update Report to the Congregation on progress with our Climate Action Plan.

Season of Creation

Members of the Climate Action Group contribute to worship during the Season of Creation

Make a commitment

In 2020 we were invited to Make a commitment to climate change
See Season of Creation 3 for more information.
Read the commitments made so far.  Keep track of our progress!

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