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On 24 November 2019, Brunswick Uniting Church adopted a resolution declaring a “Climate Crisis”.
It builds on our longstanding commitment to environmental action.
During Season of Creation 2021 BUC Households are acting for Climate Justice
Visit the Climate Action Plan page to learn more about our journey.
Learn about our relationship with ARRCC

Climate Crisis Declaration

Brunswick Uniting Church (BUC) resolved to declare a climate crisis in November 2019.

Green Power

Our Sydney Road site’s gas and electricity is 100% carbon neutral (using renewables and carbon offsets), and we also purchase 100% GreenPower.

Letter writing

Write a letter to our parliamentarians.   Please see the attached draft letter prepared by Richard Arnold.
Addresses/contact details  for all members of Parliament can be found here.  This includes both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Climate Action Plan

Church Council has now adopted the Climate Crisis Action Plan!  Read more to find out about our journey.

Season of Creation 2020

Members of the Climate Action Group participated in worship during the Season of Creation 2020.

Make a commitment

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