On March 11, Brunswick UC will join faith communities around the world for the biggest-ever multi-faith Day of Action on the climate crisis called Sacred People, Sacred Earth. This will be the start of a multi faith Year of Action around the world leading up to the next round of crucial international climate negotiations (known as COP26) which will be held in Glasgow in November 2021. People of faith around the world will press urgently at the national and international levels for a compassionate, just response to COVID-19 and the climate emergency.

You can join in before March 11, by signing a bold new multi faith statement the signatories to which will also include globally recognised faith leaders – and ask as many people as possible to sign this too.

You can read more about the statement and also sign it here.

What is this all about? Well, as part of the BUC Climate Action Plan, recently our Church Council decided that we become an organisational member of ARRCC. (Pronounced ‘ARK’). Members of the congregation are also encouraged to join ARRCC as individual members, or subscribe to their newsletter  

So, what is ARRCC? The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is a grassroots multi-faith organisation of people from around Australia committed to action on climate change. 

How did our connection all start? ARRCC promoted ‘Ride to Worship’ actions from 2010, in which BUC participated. The BUC Justice and Mission Committee JAM in mid-2017 had the wisdom to host a community “Stop Adani Forum” in the church. Many different groups came, including someone from ARRCC. Many in the congregation such as Richard Arnold have been promoting ARRCC and Climate Action over the last decade. 

Although ARRCC has been going since 2004, its first national conference was in Canberra in late 2019. Two members of our congregation, Linda Wannan and Jamie Thom attended, meeting many wonderful people from a huge variety of faith groups, all with a common concern for creation. Useful workshops were run, great contacts were made. The Uniting Church has a good presence within ARRCC, with many from the big cities and rural/regional Australia. Jamie is involved with ARRCC actions and working groups, including those related to Adani and Divestment, while Linda is involved in the Green COVID Recovery (advocacy and representations to politicians) working group.

ARRCC is itself a key member of Green Faith International (GFI) an alliance of 14 national groups. GFI coordinates actions across these countries. The statement is being organised by GreenFaith International and will be launched on March 11. Brunswick UC will be one of hundreds of places of worship all around the world ‘sounding the alarm’ for the climate.

Our ask is that you read and sign the ‘Global Multi-Faith Statement on the Climate’ before 11th March, when BUC joins hundreds of thousands of multi-faith folk around the world supporting this statement.

Linda Wannan and Jamie Thom