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The Brunswick Food Co-op began in 2000 as a constructive initiative to foster responsible use of the earth’s resources. The Co-op’s main aims are to reduce packaging and, where possible, purchase organic and Australian grown foods and to care for the earth as a co-operative community. Since its humble beginnings it has grown in both membership size and the variety of products offered.

Food Co-op Mission Statement

The Brunswick Uniting Food Co-op is inspired by a Christian call to care for the earth and for other people. We believe the earth is precious and bountiful, but vulnerable to irresponsible use. This food co-op is established to encourage responsible use of the earth’s resources through reduced packaging of food and the purchase of organic products where possible.

We also believe that people are connected to each other, called to share resources together. This food co-op aims to support the local community by purchasing from local or Australian growers, providing an interface between the church and local community in Brunswick, enabling relationships within the congregation to be strengthened and providing an opportunity for the purchase of cheaper food (where this is not in conflict with other principles).

Invitation to join Brunswick Uniting Food Co-operative

This is your invitation to join the Food Co-op. It is a great way to contribute to a better world by reducing packaging of food. Its also a fun way to shop! There’s free morning tea and coffee available and a real sense of community amongst members.

Distribution Days

Distribution days are held on the third Saturday of the month between 10 am and 12 noon in the Olive Way space.  Some exceptions due to Easter and other major events that may impact on members attendance.

Membership is $1 per attendance. Members volunteer to help with product distribution or computer recording twice per year.
Products include varieties of flour, sugar, rice and grains, pasta, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, legumes, olive oil, coffee, tea, hand soap, hair products and cleaning fluids. Bring your own containers. Wide necked, clear glass or plastic containers preferred for liquids. Payment by cash or cheque.


There is, of course, a behind the scenes life of the Food Co-op. The Committee meets bi-monthly to review the previous distribution day, discuss ways to streamline the functioning of the distribution and review the product list and develop new ways on increasing our co-operative experience.

The committee is fun, friendly and very social with dinner meetings featuring twice a year. All committee members participate on the roster every two months. We welcome further inquiries.

Contact Helen on 0423 009 813.