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The Olive Way is a place of welcome for all who want to use it. We first opened our doors in 2007 responding to a vision and desire to open our doors and offer hospitality beyond Sunday mornings.
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Sadly the Olive Way will be closed from Tuesday 24 March until Thursday 16 April. We will review again at that time.

We do this regretfully, in line with new recommendations and restrictions from government.

However, to stop meeting at the Olive Way does not mean that the Olive Way community of care ceases. Peter Blair, our Olive Way Pastor, has begun to create a list of things we can do, including maintaining contact with people by phone and email.

We would be grateful if all members and volunteers could share their willingness to have a conversation with Olive Way participants, and/or any innovative ideas.

New measures and any other new ideas will need a considerable amount of co-ordination and implementation time and effort. Peter Blair will need support and assistance. We are therefore forming an “Olive Way Action Group” which people can join to help with the overall task.

Anyone interested in providing innovative ideas, being a conversation partner, or joining the “action group” can contact Peter Blair peteblair75@gmail.com or Richard Arnold richarn50@gmail.com

** Please note that all related programs described below are similarly closed.

Community Kitchen

A community kitchen provides lunch on Wednesdays at 12:30. Our cook Peter provides a delicious home style 2 course meal.

Olive Arts Collective

An art group operates on Wednesdays. The congregation supports local artists throughout the year providing a welcome space and resources to explore their artistic gifts. Arts Access offers a funded program at specified times during the term. The artists’ work is exhibited at various times during the year.

Music Lessons

Olive Way volunteers offer music lessons to anyone who is interested. It’s wonderful to see and hear people enjoying playing the piano for the first time or returning to the keyboard after many years.

Writing Workshop

A Writing Workshop on Tuesdays gives participants an opportunity to learn how to write and tell their own stories and to shape their imagination.


SROC is our very own Sydney Rd. Opera Company.  Olive Way participants work with professional actor Damian to share stories and draw on their life experiences to create performances. In 2016 we enjoyed ‘If the Shoe Fits’ and ‘Love and Food in Brunswick’.

Dance Classes

Dance classes are also offered on Wednesdays. From its early beginnings in 2016 participants are enjoying getting and up dancing with our wonderful teacher Ezme. We enjoy the company of our friends from Karingal.

Olive Way Happenings