Olive Arts Collective

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The Olive Arts Collective is a group of artists with a passion for and focus on community, creativity and care.

Our two lead artists Geoff Falk and Phil Kreveld support us by making art and facilitating our individual and collective artistic journeys. Alongside are three dedicated volunteers from the BUC ARTS committee (Ann Soo, Leanne Salau and Tim Hoffmann) holding the space so that creativity and originality can flourish. It means setting up the room, providing materials, infecting art making and stirring up a contagion of care.

Making sure that everyone has a cuppa, a bite from the Olive Way and a warm welcome anchors this open group on Wednesdays between 10am and 12noon. The conversations stimulate, the silences speak focus, hands express creativity and connections deepen in this context.  We meet in the beautiful light filled Youth Hall in the weeks between the funded programs provided by Arts Access Victoria.

It was a joy to participate in the ‘What is Creativity’ Exhibition in 2017 and the Studio Walk in 2018.

The art exhibition and performance night responding to  ‘What is Creativity?’ was a manifestation of the joy and creativity of our church community.  As revealed in our mission planning process in 2016, we are a community of communities and this exhibition brought all those communities (and beyond) to be in one place; to share, celebrate and rejoice with each other for God’s gifts to us.

These three pages from the December Olive Branch tell the story.

The Olive Arts Collective threw open its doors and invited the public into its place of creativity on Saturday 24th of February as part of the 2018 Brunswick Studio Walk.  Nothing could have prepared us for the number of people who visited (five hundred!) and for their responses. Some were simply amazed while others sought good conversation and a point of connection.  Read more (a page from our March Olive Branch newsletter).