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Mission Statement
The Olive Arts Collective is a grass roots initiative and a collaborative group comprised of people who love to create visual art in all its forms.  Our key objectives are to provide a place of safety, acceptance and hospitality and we believe that this creates an environment for creativity to be nurtured and developed. Participation, creative exploration, empowerment, compassion, diversity and respect for each other underpins this space and the artworks are the creative expressions of these key values. Our aim is to encourage the emergence of this creativity.

Who participates?
All are welcome in this creative space.  Many of our artists are regular visitors to our Olive Way drop in centre and some reside in Stewart Lodge and Brunswick Lodge, local supported residential services. Graeme Galloway and Phil Kreveld, our two lead artists  support us by making art and facilitating our individual and collective artistic journeys. Alongside are Ann Soo and Leanne Salau, two dedicated volunteers from the BUC ARTS committee, who the space so that creativity and originality can flourish.

When do we meet?
We meet on Wednesdays from 10am to noon during the Olive Way Program.  The Olive Way is a place of welcome for all who want to use it.  While the program is open to anyone who wants a place to rest, chat, read the paper or just sit with a cup of tea, the particular focus is those people who are on the edge of their communities and may not have a place to feel comfortable or welcomed anywhere else.  We value our relationship with the Olive Way program, the hospitality provided there and especially the offer of a cuppa and a bite to eat.

What do we offer?
Materials are supplied.  Participants are also welcome to bring their own current art project and materials. We offer guidance, new ideas, support and encouragement.  We also offer the opportunity to exhibit art works in local exhibitions.  In 2017 we held an exhibition ‘What is creativity’, during which 48 artists exhibited 73 works.  In February 2018 we participated in the Brunswick Studio Walk, during which 400 people came through our doors.  We were delighted when a number of sales resulted.

Where do we meet?
We meet in the Youth Hall on Wednesdays between 10am and 12noon. We work in a wonderful light filled space with an adjoining kitchenette, amenities and access to water for clean up.

We will continue to meet online to celebrate and share creativity.  Please note our Zoom meetings will now be held on Thursdays hosted by Ann Soo.  Join us on Zoom.

The ‘Season of Creation’ and the exhibition ‘Let the earth speak’ has been the creative work of many hearts, hands,
minds and voices and it seemed fitting to celebrate it by offering a special edition of the Olive Branch – Season of Creation.

The Olive Arts Collective threw open its doors and invited the public into its place of creativity on Saturday 24th of February as part of the 2018 Brunswick Studio Walk.  Nothing could have prepared us for the number of people who visited (five hundred!) and for their responses. Some were simply amazed while others sought good conversation and a point of connection.  Read more (a page from our March Olive Branch newsletter).

The art exhibition and performance night responding to  ‘What is Creativity?’ was a manifestation of the joy and creativity of our church community.  As revealed in our mission planning process in 2016, we are a community of communities and this exhibition brought all those communities (and beyond) to be in one place; to share, celebrate and rejoice with each other for God’s gifts to us.

These three pages from the December Olive Branch tell the story.

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