Membership levels – When a person signs up as a member of the website they are assigned a membership level based on participation in leadership roles:

  • congregation
  • committees
  • leaders

Website Users – In order to work on the website content a user level needs to be assigned:

  • subscriber – no editing rights
  • author – can add posts and events
  • editor – can edit pages, add posts and events
  • administrator – Saide and Shawn are the website administrators

Current editors are

  • Saide Cameron
  • Ian Ferguson
  • Naomi David
  • Shawn Whelan
  • Dave Hall

Current Authors are

  • Daniel Broadstock
  • Peter Blair

Author profiles have also been created using gmail accounts for the Olive Press and a number of committees.  Any member of a committee can obtain the password on request and post on behalf of the committee.  At this stage the majority of the postings created under these profiles are being done by Saide so please join the party and post a story or an event.

  • Discipleship & Education (BUCD&E)
  • Justice & Mission (BUCJAM)
  • Olive Press (BUCOP)
  • Pastoral Care (BUCPC)
  • Worship (BUCWorship) – The Sunday Prayers are posted by Daniel Broadstock using this profile

Guidelines have been developed to support authors and editors in the work they do.  You can request the appropriate password to work on the website from


  1. Creating a post
  2. Posting Sunday Prayers
  3. Preparing the Olive Press (this includes the printed and email versions)
    Access the Olive Press Prayer Cycle here.


  1. Creating images
  2. Uploading images
  3. Inserting an image (jpg) or pdf
  4. Inserting an image carousel


  1. Posting Events
  2. Posting Events (Olive Pesto)
  3. Inserting an event link


  1. Uploading a Soundcloud file

There’s lots more that can be done including.

  • Editing pages
  • Adding pages
  • Linking pages
  • Creating a blog
  • And more …

Guidelines for these have not been created – at this stage