The Communications Team is primarily responsible for keeping everyone in the congregation informed about what has, is and will be happening in our various areas of ministry.

The two main ways this happens are through the Olive Press (weekly newsletter) and the Olive Branch (monthly newsletter). Both documents are available by email and in printed form.

We operate an extensive email network for communicating with members of the congregation.

The team also prepares the Olive Pages (Directory), Olive Bite link (Welcome leaflet) and the Olive Harvest (Annual Reports collection).

Name Tags are made available for all people who attend worship on request. They are a great resource in helping people feel connected to each other.

We support the activities of other committees and programs through the deisgn and preparation of postcards, posters, real estate boards and other material.

We also look after administrative matters like mail outs, copyright licenses, purchasing paper, toner etc.

See also Publications.

The Communications ministry is supported by people taking responsibility for specific tasks.

Website development and review is overseen by Saide Cameron, Ian Ferguson, Shawn Whelan.

Contact Saide (0407 096 743) for more information.