Working Together

‘The shape of how we do things in our community’

In 2012 we developed the ‘Working Together’ documents in order to provide a comprehensive framework to guide committees and individuals in their work. These guidelines seek to address the following areas:

  • Why– The value(s) which the committee focuses on.
  • Who – The composition of the committee or details of the responsible individual.
  • When – How often the committee meets.
  • What – Outlines the responsibilities of the committee.
  • How – The implementation / actions to be carried out by the committee.

Guidelines are available here (please note a revision of these documents will take place later in 2019, documents indicated in green are yet to be developed/provided)


Ministry Team

Church Council



Worship Committee

Pastoral Care Committee (including compassion, hospitality and community)

Children, Youth & Young Adult Committee

  • Sunday Morning Program
  • YUCY
  • Student House Program

Justice & Mission Committee

Discipleship & Education Committee