This page contains guidelines to assist the user in

  1. Printing in magazine format
    creating an A5 folded booklet for the Olive Leaf, Olive Press and Orders of Service for special occasions
  2. Printing an A5 insert
  3. Printing from a USB – pdfs
  4. Printing on card
  5. Printing on A3 paper
  6. Printing the Olive Branch

If you have need of or suggestions for other guidelines please contact or send Saide a message, 0407 096 743.

Useful information

  • Replacement toner cartridges are located on the book shelf to the left of the printer.
  • Used cartridges can be taken to the Post Office or Officeworks for recycling.
  • A3 paper is located in the cupboard under the printer.
  • A3 laminating pockets are also located under the printer.
  • A4 paper is located on the bookshelf to the left of the printer.
  • A4 card stock is located in the small cupboard on the floor to the left of the printer.
  • A4 Coloured paper is located in the drawer tower beside the bookshelf.
  • A4 Laminating pockets area also located in the drawer tower.

Connecting your device to the printer
Details coming soon