As a Christian community we understand the pastoral care we offer each other as being an expression of the love and care that God has first offered each of us. This is not an optional extra for those particularly called and gifted but is simply part of what it means to be a follower of the “Good Shepherd”. In offering pastoral care we share joys and sorrows, seek to meet particular needs and reach out to people on the edges of our community.

The Pastoral Care Committee encourages all members of the Brunswick Uniting Church to offer pastoral care as it is arises naturally through relationships and personal encounters on a daily, and often informal basis.

The Pastoral Care Committee meets monthly to talk about issues concerning the pastoral care of our congregation. The committee sees pastoral care as a way of keeping people in touch with the worshipping community: those who attend worship regularly and those who are unable to be with us on Sundays.

The committee provides opportunities for the congregation to focus on our relationship with Christ and the way in which that impacts on our relationship with each other.

In 2014 a review of our Pastoral Care ministry and structures was undertaken leading to the launch of the report ‘A Threefold Vision for Pastoral Care at BUC’ on Sunday 24th August. This report has now been implemented leading to the development of Compassion, Hospitality and Community Teams.

Members of our Pastoral Care related committees are:

  • Pastoral Care:  Jane Allardice, Glenice Cook, Ian Ferguson, Steph Gesling, Meg Orton, Leanne Salau
  • Compassion:  Gwen Arnold, Glenice Cook, Ian Ferguson, Claire Foley, Leanne Salau
  • Hospitality:  Jane Allardice, Ray Cameron, Steph Gesling, Ian Ferguson, Graeme Lawrence, Michael Rigby
  • Community:  Tess Alston, Rachel Beagley, Saide Cameron, Kristin Dahl, Ian Ferguson, Karlien Kok

Contact Ian (0438 547 842‬) or Jane (0419 385 544‬) for more information.

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