The Discipleship & Education Committee oversees the opportunities for adult Christian education and deepening of discipleship at Brunswick Uniting. It is built upon the premise that as Christians we are always seeking to deepen our faith in God; both at the personal relational level and our knowledge and understanding of God and the Bible as we endeavour to have an intelligent and world engaging Christian faith.

Discipleship and Christian education happens in a variety of ways. The primary focus is on small groups for Bible study/discussion. Some groups have an ongoing life and meet weekly/fortnightly for regular Bible study while others may be for a short specified period, perhaps linked to the liturgical season or a particular theme or book of the Bible.

Other options include one off gatherings, perhaps with a visiting speaker (or someone from our own congregation); men’s or women’s groups or a weekend away; publicizing events other churches or community groups are holding to the congregation.

Members of the committee are:  Daniel Broadstock (council member), Ian Ferguson (minister), Meg Orton, Jenne Perlstein, Janet Watson Kruse.

Contact Ian (0438 547 842‬) or Daniel (‭0479 039 640‬) for more information.

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