The JAM committee has a broad mandate that could involve almost everything the church does, as ‘the church lives for and by mission’.

The primary function of the Church Council could be described as to manage the church in its mission. A main role of the JAM Committee then would be to support and advise the Church Council.

The Mission committee is excited by the opportunities of extending the mission work of the congregation and also joining ecumenically, where appropriate. But we are conscious of the need to keep the congregation involved and supportive, so that mission remains part of the life of the whole worshipping community.

JAM recognises that it is vital to ensure that our commitments are realistic and that we are able to carry them out effectively. These include maintaining a number of local, national and international projects. It is also important to acknowledge and recognise individuals within the congregation for their mission in their everyday lives.

Members of the JAM and related committees are:

  • JAM:  Gwen Arnold, Richard Arnold, Abi Benham-Bannon, Kirsty Bennett, Saide Cameron, Ann Soo
  • BUC Arts:  Simone Alesich, Helen Burnham, Saide Cameron, Ian Ferguson, Leanne Salau, Ann Soo (co-ordinator)
  • Food Co-op: Helen Rowe (Convenor), Abi Benham-Bannon (Purchasing Officer)
  • FUNdraising:  Saide Cameron, Glenice Cook, Jessica Kvanskul
  • Olive Way Steering committee:  Richard Arnold (chair person), Kirsty Bennett, Mikul Denison, Peter Blair (OW co-ordinator), Ann Soo (deputy chairperson)
  • Olive Arts Collective: Bev Evans (Co-ordinator), Phil Kreveld Leanne Salau

Contact Saide (0407 096 743) for more information.

JAM has oversight of the following committees and programs

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