Sunday Prayers 5/4

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Kyrie eleison, Kyrie, eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison SONG:  Kyrie eleison, from Together in Song, Harper Collins Religious, copyright unknown Translation – Lord have mercy upon us Steadfast God, Your love endures forever. You hear our cries. When we have been rejected by others you take us into the [...]

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Lent 4A

Lent 4A Alongside the live stream on Sundays you can also connect to worship by reading the Sunday Prayer Post each week - Sunday Prayers 22/3 accessing the Sermon post each week - Surely we are not blind, are we? We will also seek to provide the full order of service before Sunday but [...]

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Worship and Pastoral Care at BUC

Sunday worship The worship committee with the support of the Church Council and in response to our desire to ensure that the health of individuals and the community are not compromised will be implementing changes to the way we offer worship. Beginning this Sunday 22nd March (and for at least the next three weeks) [...]

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Sunday Prayers 24/11

Prayer of Adoration U-ya-i mo-se, ti-na-ma-te Mwa-ri  u-ya-i mo-se zvi-no  Come all you people, come and praise your Maker Come now and worship the Lord.  Our God we lift our hears to you  in praise and adoration,  for we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  All your works are wonderful and good,  and so we offer our love to you,  as we bask in your love for us.  Amen.   Prayer of Confession Prayer [...]

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Season of Creation

The Season of Creation, from 22nd September through to 20th October has been a wonderful vibrant opportunity to explore our relationship to and responsibilty for the beautiful fragile planet that is our home.  It is also an example of how our community of communities opens up and gives voice to so much than each [...]

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