Intergenerational Worship

Recently I attended a workshop on Intergenerational Worship with two facilitators from GenOn in the US who have been working in this area for over twenty years. They gave me some valuable insights into why intergenerational ministry has something to offer us at Brunswick Uniting Church. So, what is Intergenerational Worship? It’s a relational [...]

Sunday Prayers 5/4

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Kyrie eleison, Kyrie, eleison, Kyrie eleison, Kyrie eleison SONG:  Kyrie eleison, from Together in Song, Harper Collins Religious, copyright unknown Translation – Lord have mercy upon us Steadfast God, Your love endures forever. You hear our cries. When we have been rejected by others you take us into the [...]

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Easter Day

A celebration of Christ’s resurrection. To prepare for worship please gather the following items Bible white cloth a new candle bread and grape juice The full order of service is available here. You might like to use this to accompany the live stream service. Thank you to the many many people who have contributed to [...]

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Maundy Thursday

We will listen to the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet and share a simple meal of bread and wine or grape juice. To prepare for worship please gather the following items Bible purple cloth bowl of water and towel(s) bread and grape juice and cups to share five candles The full order of service [...]

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Good Friday

We will immerse ourselves in the story of Christ’s agony, his experience of betrayal, crucifixion and death.  We also bring the questions from our Lenten journey to this service. Humans, where are you? Can can this be? Where do you get this living water? Surely we are not blind, are we? What binds you today. To prepare [...]

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Palm Sunday

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday - we will read and reflect on Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem. We will celebrate a Liturgy of the Empty Hands in place of our first Sunday in the month celebration of Holy Communion. To prepare for worship please gather the following items Bible cloak or similar purple cloth [...]

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Lent 4A

Lent 4A Alongside the live stream on Sundays you can also connect to worship by reading the Sunday Prayer Post each week - Sunday Prayers 22/3 accessing the Sermon post each week - Surely we are not blind, are we? We will also seek to provide the full order of service before Sunday but [...]

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