About BUCworship

The worship committee meets monthly to think, talk and pray about the worship that we offer as a community. Worship is at the heart or centre of who we are. It is where we do the thing that makes us distinctive. Unlike just another club, we worship God. It is a time for rediscovering our focus as a community, resting, listening and focussing on God, reorienting ourselves for the week.

Sunday Prayers 3/2

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Gentle God, Divine love, all loves excelling, who proclaims freedom to the captives, good news to the poor, liberty to the oppressed. Whose favour falls as an enveloping rain of grace. Plant the seed of your love deep within the soil of our hearts. Not merely an emotion, or [...]

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Sunday Prayers 27/1

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Dear Lord Jesus, Trail over us the wide hem of your garment May your peace and healing trickle down through the great canopy of the world. Have mercy when difference becomes division Where diversity melts into the haze of exclusion, hatred, and self-righteousness. Grant to us the humility to [...]

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Renewing the Covenant in the New Year Today we meet, as generations before us have met, to renew that which bound them and now binds us to God. The covenant is that relationship of promise and faithfulness first made through Noah, Abraham and Moses, made new for us in Christ, expressed in baptism and [...]

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A Rising Star

In our festive pageantry at this time of the year, the star sits atop of every Christmas tree and appears in a dozen different carols. What’s it about? Three things. It’s about light. It’s about creation. And it’s about the Spirit. Graeme Garrett

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