About BUCworship

The worship committee meets monthly to think, talk and pray about the worship that we offer as a community. Worship is at the heart or centre of who we are. It is where we do the thing that makes us distinctive. Unlike just another club, we worship God. It is a time for rediscovering our focus as a community, resting, listening and focussing on God, reorienting ourselves for the week.

Sunday Prayers 19/5

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Wondrous God, creator of the Earth, of endless discoveries and delights, of new green shoots following the Autumn rain. Forgive us for exploiting and taking what is yours for our own. May we seek to live in harmony with your goodness, praising the power of mountains before the power [...]

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Radical Inclusion

Together we love, we meet, we walk, we transform, we create God's Kingdom - together. A reflection on Acts 11:1-18 and Revelation 21:1-16. Fiona also refers to Rachel Held Evans, Jean Vanier, Bob Hawke and the Federal Election. Fiona Bottcher is a member of our congregation and candidate for the Ministry of Deacon in [...]

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We are people of resurrection called to arise A reflection on Acts 9:36-43 and John 10:22-30. With thanks to Valentina Satvedi-Leydon, Anabaptist minister, a member of our congregation and our Interim Student House Support worker.

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