About BUCworship

The worship committee meets monthly to think, talk and pray about the worship that we offer as a community. Worship is at the heart or centre of who we are. It is where we do the thing that makes us distinctive. Unlike just another club, we worship God. It is a time for rediscovering our focus as a community, resting, listening and focussing on God, reorienting ourselves for the week.

Sunday Prayers 5/7

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Come to me, Come to me, weak and heavy laden Trust in me, lean on me, I will give you rest.  SONG:  Come to me, paraphrase (Matthew 11:28) John Bell, from We walk his way, © 2008 Wild Goose Publication.  Reproduced with permission under ONE LICENCE #604502 Wisdom of [...]

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Sunday Prayers 14/6

Symbols our Worship - Water, Word and Light “Come Holy Spirit” said in Swahili Njoo Roho Mtakatifu (Come Holy Spirit) Wash away the tiredness of our souls. Pour water into font Njoo Roho Mtakatifu (Come Holy Spirit) Speak the living word in us. Open bible and place on stand Njoo Roho Mtakatifu (Come Holy [...]

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Worship – Trinity Sunday

On Trinity Sunday, 7th June, we reflected on the story of creation in Genesis 1 – God’s triune dance of delight.  You can ... Watch the service for the first time or again on YouTube. Read the complete order of service. Watch Ian's reflection 'The song of Creation'. Read the Prayers of Adoration & Confession and [...]

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Sunday Prayers 7/6

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Let us pray. Loving God, Lover, Beloved, Loving Spirit, we offer our thanks and praise. The wonder of your Three-in-One, energy of dancing light, undivided, pure and good. Communing love in shared delight. We give you thanks and praise. Lover, Beloved, Loving Spirit. You call us to embrace and [...]

Sunday Prayers 31/5

Prayers of Adoration God of Holy Dreaming, Great Creator Spirit, From the dawn of creation you have given your children the good things of Mother Earth. You spoke and the gum tree grew. In the vast desert and dense forest, and in cities at the water’s edge, Creation sings your praise. Your presence endures [...]

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