The Marginalized: Channels of God’s Healing

A reflection on the role of the servant girl with thanks to Rev Dr Monica Melanchthon, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Pilgrim Theological College at the University of Divinity. Reflection audio starts at 12:43 Please be aware that there were significant technical issues with the livestream for this service.  The [...]

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Sermon 29/5 – Release to the Captives

A reflection on Acts 16:25-34. I focus on the theology of prisons and the scandal of Australia's indigenous incarceration rates Reference: Jennings, Willie James. Acts: A Theological Commentary on the Bible (Belief: a Theological Commentary on the Bible). Presbyterian Publishing. Kindle Edition. The reflection begins at 25:50 in the video.

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Sermon 22/5 – Using Wealth Faithfully

A reflection on the story of Lydia from Acts 16:11-15 The reflection begins at 23:50 in the video NOTE: I include this video illustration in which can't be live-streamed on YouTube for copyright reasons. Pause the reflection when I get to that part and view the illustration here (and warning, there is a little [...]

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