The way of love

On Palm Sunday the way of love starts with the other, considers the needs, the wants, the hopes and the dreams of others, and treats those as sacred Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor

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Palm Sunday

Join us for worship on Palm Sunday.  During the five Sundays of Lent so far we have been following Jesus along the path to the cross through Mark’s gospel.  Today we join him riding a donkey to the shouts of Hosanna.   We welcome members of the Baptist and Salvation Army churches joining us [...]

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Sunday Prayers 28/3

Prayers of Adoration & Confession We breathe deeply now, focussing in on our breath. The breath of life. Chest slowly rising and falling…heart beating… feeling our mind relaxing, our jaw unclenching, our shoulders lengthening… the world can wait… those trivial things clamouring for our attention… they can wait… This is our time with you, [...]

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