On Easter Sunday we light a new Christ Candle in celebration. This year we were invited to light a candle in our own homes and to continue to light them each Sunday until we return to the worship space.  This is an invitation to share the story of the candle you are lighting or the candle holder that the candle sits in.  Did you buy it somewhere special?  Was it a gift from someone?  Does it hold a memory for you?  Whatever the story please share it.  A story or two will be featured each week in the Worship News email and the collection will be offered as part of the Household of God project.

The candle holder featured in this post was made by my father on his wood lathe.  It sat on my shelf for a long time and now sits in the centre of our lounge room each Sunday for worship.

What is your story?  Email to saide.cameron@bigpond.com