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Student House: Rooms Available

Brunswick Uniting Church currently has a couple of vacancies in our Student House Program. For over 20 years we have supported tertiary students from outside Melbourne in their move to Melbourne for study. We have two houses, side-by-side, with 5 rooms in each. It's an intentional, supported community connected to Brunswick Uniting Church. Find [...]

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Celebration of Ministry, part 2

During worship on 2nd June we celebrated the ministries of Valentina Satvedi-Leydon and Janet Hogan as our Interim Student House and Youth Support workers. Ian began by acknowledging that they will be staying on with us but changing their relationship with the congregation as they hand their roles on to Dave Hall, Children & [...]

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Celebration of Ministry

During worship at Church Camp, 26th May, we celebrated Janet Watson Kruse’s ministry as our Interim Children & Families worker.  Janet commenced in this role on Sunday 13th May 2018.  Over the past two weeks she has provided handover to recently our commissioned Children & Families, Youth & Young Adult Pastor, Dave Hall.  Worship  at [...]

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Carlynne’s Ordination

The ordination of Carlynne Nunn, held at Brunswick UC, on Saturday 16th March was a joyous celebration.  Welcoming everyone to the service Ian ensured that every person knew that there was a place for them in their support of Carlynne.   Carlynne candidated from our congregation and began her training in 2016.  She was [...]

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A visit from the President

Dr. Deidre Palmer, President of the UCA visited our congregation for worship on Sunday 3rd March.  Deidre offered her greetings, expressing her delight in being with us. She explained that she and Ian had worked together coordinating worship for the Assembly meeting that was held here in Melbourne last year when she was installed as [...]

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Assembly President – Pastoral Letter

Dear friends, Please find attached a pastoral letter and prayer from the President of the Assembly Dr Deidre Palmer notifying the Church that the recent Assembly decision about marriage stands and outlining the process the Church has been through over the last six months. I encourage you to distribute this letter amongst your community [...]

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Renewing the Covenant in the New Year Today we meet, as generations before us have met, to renew that which bound them and now binds us to God. The covenant is that relationship of promise and faithfulness first made through Noah, Abraham and Moses, made new for us in Christ, expressed in baptism and [...]

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Celebration of Ministry

During worship on Sunday 25th November we celebrated nearly six years of ministry with Ian – a culmination of the recent Presbytery review process.   Ian was inducted as our minister on 10th February 2013.  During worship we heard stories, gave thanks and reaffirmed the commitments we made together.  We celebrated being called and sent [...]

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