Olive Way Happenings

Olive Way Award

Recently the Olive Way was nominated for a Community Award from the City of Moreland. Shortly before the presentation night we were contacted to check whether a representative would be attending – but no firm indication that we might win an award. On Tuesday 1st October a number of us attended the ceremony at [...]

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Olive Arts Collective

The Olive Arts Collective experienced both consolidation and expansion in the 2017. We define ourselves as a group of artists with passion and focus on community, creativity and care. Our two lead artists Geoff Falk and Phil Kreveld support us by making art and facilitating our individual and collective artistic journeys. Alongside are three [...]

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Olive Way Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch Another year is done and dusted at Olive Way. And, as usual, we go out with a bang. The annual Christmas feast was held on Wednesday to mark the end of the year, and to wish all our guests a merry Christmas. We had around 120 people this year packed into the [...]

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