This story was first published in the February 2024 Olive Branch

It’s amazing what a little bit of scrubbing can do. Spots you thought looked ok come up amazing and lift the whole environment. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing around Olive Way this past week, getting the place ready to receive our first guests of the year next week. We’ve taken advantage of the shutdown to try and get those grubby areas looking clean and shiny and ensuring they are hygienic. We’re really grateful to our Olive Way volunteers who came in to help out. They simply rolled up their sleeves and got on with it. 

We’re just back from a long break, during which I moved house to Rosanna. There has been a lot of scrubbing and cleaning at our old place and at the new. It seems to have been a theme for the school holidays. Moving house is amongst my least favourite things to do in life, but I do love the result at the end. Although there is a bit more a commute for me, its not unbearable, and l can easily travel by public transport. 

We’re looking forward the new year ahead with the Olive Way. There are lots of things we’re looking forward to trialling, seeing how they pan out. Different ways we can enhance the experience for our people. Nonetheless, we’ll continue to be offering the same safe, hospitable and welcoming environment.  Visit the Olive Way page.

Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor