Sunday Worship 11/2, Transfiguration

Kirsty Bennett welcomed us to worship on 11th February.  As we prepared for worship we heard Sufjan Stephens’ song The Transfiguration.   That was our theme for worship: the transfiguration of Jesus as told in the gospel of Mark.  We reflected on Peter’s role and response to this amazing event, and our own.  And of course light also featured. We also thought about the experiences of Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings.

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 13:35

Our prayers of adoration and confession will include the Taizé song ‘The Lord in my Light’.
Let us begin our prayers in song.

The Lord is my light,
my light and salvation:
in God I trust, in God I trust.

God of the prophets,
who journeyed with Elijah and Elisha,
You journey with us as well,
taking us from the present to the future.
You invite us into your mystery.

Transfigured Jesus,
Son of God, the Beloved.
You appeared to Peter, James and John,
and you come to us,
opening our eyes to see you in a new light,
inviting us to trust in you.

Spirit of light,
shining among us.
You were with the prophets
as they faced the struggles of their world
and you are with us today,
journeying with us as we seek to be your disciples.

Forgive us, when we do not embrace your mystery,
When we put limits on who you are
And do not look for those who have gone before us.

Forgive us, when we not see your light,
When we do not want to go to the mountain,
When we do not follow you.

Forgive us, when we do not trust in you
When we become terrified
And do not listen to you.


The Lord is my light,
my light and salvation:
in God I trust, in God I trust.

Word of Grace  
Siblings in Christ,
We are invited into a mystery,
To be surprised,
To be a part of things we cannot foresee,
To be Jesus’ disciples.

Jesus knows this can be hard.
But nonetheless invites us to walk with him.
And so we can say with confidence
That our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 11/02/2024, Transfiguration B

SONG:  The Lord is my light, from the Taize Community, from Together in Song, (747)
Harper Collins Religious, Reproduced with permission:  Word of Life

Prayers of the people

Watch or 45:11

I am Lyn and I am bringing prayers of the people today. After the prayers I will take the Christ candle to the chapel space at the back of the church so that if you wish you can light a taper for your personal prayers after the service.

Today we remember Jesus’ Transfiguration. When Peter, James and John were terrified as they witnessed Jesus clothing glowing radiantly white. A light unbelievably bright.  Are we like them terrified of your light wanting to do something but not sure what?

Let us pray.

Loving Lord we come to you now with our prayers for others and ourselves.

Lord there is so much darkness in the world today with wars, famine, civil unrest, violence including domestic violence, racism and the list gets bigger and bigger that we don’t know what to do to make things better.  We bring these concerns before you and ask that you will help us to shine your light into our community. We know that you haven’t abandoned the victims of this darkness or us as your servants. You are always here even in the darkest of times.

Dear God, as your church we know we should be able to light up the world but often we feel powerless. Guide us and show us how to help. We don’t have to go to far flung parts of the world we can help bring your light into people’s lives right here in Brunswick. There are people suffering around us in all sorts of ways please guide us to bring your light to them.

Be with the Olive Way leaders as they are your light in that space. The guests who come come with very different experiences, needs and perspectives. They appreciate what is offered so please guide all involved with that wonderful ministry.

We are very aware of the damage that is being done to our environment often in the name of progress. The desecration of plants and animals and livelihoods. Forgive us oh God and guide us to try to protect your wonderful creation in as many ways as possible.

We pray for members of our congregation who are going through difficult times. As a congregation who has pastoral care at its core please help us to see needs and  address them to the best of our ability.

We ask that you will be with members of our Pastoral Care teams as we gather on Friday evening to discuss our pastoral care practices. Guide us in our sharing together so we can be better carers of your people.

We also think of the Church Council Retreat next Saturday. We ask that this will be a time of renewal for all involved.

Lord help us not to hide our light under a bush but to hold it up for the world to see we are your disciples in your world.

In your name we pray.   Amen.

Lyn Anderson, offered for worship 11/02/2024, Transfiguration B

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