Christmas Worship

Christmas Eve Pageant – It takes a village

This year we travelled with Mary & Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. Along the way they were joined by a host of familiar characters, a village to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Cath welcomed us and later led us in pray for all the ways that we are a village.

The worship space was full and it was an entirely fabulous evening.  Our thanks to the cast, musicians, choir & crew and especially to writer and director Rohan Hudson.

The service was live-streamed on Christmas Eve.  The link is available on request to the congregation and family & friends of those involved, please email Saide.  Kenna took many wonderful photos on the night.  These are similarly available on request.

You can also catch up on the Blue Christmas and Advent 4/Christmas Eve services.

Christmas Day

Kirsty Bennett welcomed us to worship on Christmas Day.  Our service was shaped by a series of readings offered by a village of voices, and we will sing carols, listen to reflections and pray prayers as we respond to these.  This year we created a village during Advent, as we reflected on all the stories and actions and people that are a part of the Christmas story.

This Advent we have also focused on the traditional themes of Advent, pairing them with another theme, and so we have reflected on hope and darkness, peace and justice, joy and protest, love and waiting.  We brought all these themes together as we celebrate the Christ child’s birth.

Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 12:31

Mighty God
Wonderful Counsellor
Saviour, Messiah, Lord
You are the light of the world.

Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace
You are a child born for us
A Son given to us.

Mary’s child, born in the night
Hope of the world
Newborn King
You are Immanuel, God with us.

Holy child of Bethlehem
Born the king of angels
Word of the Father now in flesh appearing
You are Christ the Lord!

You are all these things and so much more.
In you we find hope and darkness,
peace and justice,
joy and protest,
love and waiting.

We adore you.

Forgive us when we put limits on who you are
When we try to domesticate and tame you,
And try to shape your story to suit ours.

Forgive us when we do not want to hear your challenge to us
When we want to see tinsel and Christmas lights,
And not hear your call to justice and peace.


Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship Christmas Day 2023

Prayers of the people

Note – these prayers were offered after the livestream dropped out.

Joy to the World the Lord is come, the waiting is over
and the Baby is born, bringing light into the world. God with us.
These are our prayers, in both joy and grief.

In grief we pray for our World Village.
For the earth itself and all the wonders it contains, your creation.
For floods, fires and melting ice caps, caused by global warming, and the suffering it causes.
Shine your light into our darkness.

In hope we pray for the billions who inhabit this earth, all your creation.
For those who know you and those who don’t.
Shine your light into our darkness.

In despair we pray for the end of war, for all who are caught up
in the brutality inflicted on the innocent and displaced.

Shine your light into our darkness.

In hope we pray for our community village.

We woke up today to the joy of Christmas , family and friends.
But Christmas can be a difficult time and we pray for everyone
who wakes in hunger, poverty, sickness, homelessness , despair, anger and loneliness.
Shine your light into our darkness.

In love we pray for our Church Village.
In this time of searching for a new Minister, we give thanks and pray,
for everyone in our community who works so hard to keep us focussed on our purpose,
to share your love with all we meet.
Shine your light into our darkness.

Hope, love and light has come into the world, for Unto us a Child is Born, God with us.
So in the name of the Father of Creation, the Mother of Mercy, Jesus the light of the World
and the Spirit of Comfort,

We pray,
Shine your light into our darkness.

Helen Burnham, offered for worship Christmas Day 2023

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