Baptism, Identity, Temptation and Star Wars

A reflection on Baptism and Identity focussing on Jesus' baptism in Luke 3:21-22 and Rey in Star Wars - The Last Jedi. What makes you who you are? Is it your parents, your relationships, your family, your work, your personality, your loves, your joys, your fears, your successes, your disappointments, your strengths, your vulnerabilities? [...]

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Why worship?

On Thursday 27th June we welcomed Stephen Burns, Coordinator of Ministry Studies, Pilgrim Theological College, and Professor of Liturgical and Practical Theology, University of Divinity to lead us in a conversation in response to the question ‘Why worship?’ He began by sharing his fascinating journey from England to his current teaching position.  Stephen then told [...]

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Migrant Mothers

'Migrant Mothers:  Moreland' was a five month community art project for 50 migrant women in the City of Moreland.  The project provided several free scratch board art workshops run at community centres in order to create artworks as well as a collaborative zine for distribution to the local community.  The project encouraged social creativity [...]

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Naser Moradi

"Please open your heart and the door of this cage. Life is not forever and our time to be young is very short. We are Human Just Like you, and we also wish to know freedom. Thank you." Naser . How can I get Freedom? Please ... Open your heart And open [...]

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The Dictator

The Dictator Johnny Salameh Artist’s statement The Dictator is made from Ready made objects ( suitcases and chair). My artwork expresses the dictator as the person who sits carelessly above the miserable momentum below, person who sat insensitively on the loves of others. As a Syrian I understand the momentum, dislocation, chaos and indeed [...]

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Olive Press 19/5

Prayer Points Ministry Team Ecumenical Neighbours Assembly President ASWC CY&YA Committee Property Committee Mulling Hospitality Ministry Sanctuary Movement Indigenous Hospitality House UCA Assembly Creatures of the air BUC News Pop-up Op Shop Helen Burnham’s world famous op shop will be open for one more Sunday, [...]

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Love Makes a Way

Lenten Listening Introduction by Natalie Sims - During Lent, our prayers of confession each week are said in response to God’s word of grace and hope. This is a time of listening with respect, to the voices of those in our community who are needy and oppressed, and a time of asking God’s grace to [...]