Sunday Prayers, 2/1

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Watch or 12:24 Let us pray… Breathe…  Christmas God, with all creation, our hearts are filled with love, as Christ is born and we hold you in your vulnerability. Breathe… Our hearts are filled with amazement, as Christ grows through childhood and we see your wisdom. Breathe… Our hearts are [...]

Worship, Christmas 2

On 2nd January, Christmas 2, Ian welcomed us to worship for the first Sunday of the new year. Ian reminded us that Christmas continues into the new year as we reflect upon and hear stories about the incarnation, the birth of Christ.  We celebrated the baptisms of Natalie, Arian and Yosef and later Holy Communion. [...]

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Sunday Prayers 4/7

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Watch or 6:56 Loving God, creator of all that is, we see your work in the sunshine and the rain, the skies, the earth, the oceans. We wake up each new day uncertain of what is to come but secure in the knowledge of your steadfast love. You are our [...]

Easter Day

A celebration of Christ’s resurrection. To prepare for worship please gather the following items Bible white cloth a new candle bread and grape juice The full order of service is available here. You might like to use this to accompany the live stream service. Thank you to the many many people who have contributed to [...]

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Maundy Thursday

We will listen to the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet and share a simple meal of bread and wine or grape juice. To prepare for worship please gather the following items Bible purple cloth bowl of water and towel(s) bread and grape juice and cups to share five candles The full order of service [...]

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Maundy Thursday 2020

Worship on Maundy Thursday offered three invitations to wash our hands or feet, remembering Jesus washing his disciples feet to remember Jesus last meal, sharing bread and juice to walk with Jesus into the darkness, participating in a Tenebrae liturgy. You can read the full order of service here. You can watch the recorded [...]

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Holy Week Worship

Holy Week this year will be unlike any before.  Members of the worship committee have worked together to plan each of our four services.  Lots of people have been invited to provide recordings of readings and prayers.  All of the segments have been recorded and compiled into a whole service that will be our [...]

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Palm Sunday

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday - we will read and reflect on Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem. We will celebrate a Liturgy of the Empty Hands in place of our first Sunday in the month celebration of Holy Communion. To prepare for worship please gather the following items Bible cloak or similar purple cloth [...]

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Easter Day

Our worship during Holy Week will offer a series of stations, a pilgrimage, which will allow us to respond to and honour the contemporary stories that we have been listening to during Lent.  We want to allow the voices of the children, the victims, the survivors, the communities, the people who are not heard, [...]

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