Prayers of the People

What do you hear? What do you see?

As Jesus calls a new family into being from the cross,
let us pray for his family in all the world,
let us pray for all God’s children in need,
let us pray for the family of creation, the world that God loves so much.

Crucified Jesus, hear our prayers for the earth and all its creatures,
for the water, the air, the rocks, stones and soil,
the oceans, mountains, forests and deserts.

Hear our prayers for people everywhere,
those at war within and without,
those hungry and thirsty in flesh and spirit,
those sick at heart or sick in body and mind,
those mourning loved ones, those grieving lost hope.

Hear our prayers for your family the church,
those who follow the way of the cross and carry their own crosses,
those who struggle to be faithful in a world which says faith is worthless,
those who fall and fail but know the grace that heals and makes new.

Ian Ferguson, offered for worship, Good Friday, 30/3/18

Our God who weeps

Let us continue our prayer in song…

See our God with the tear-streaked face
With words that heal
And arms that embrace
See him now with his nail-scarred hands
Your Kingdom come, Lord, the Promised Land

1  When people plead in far-off lands
And no-one heeds their out-stretched hands
Yet in the poor we shall find you
Help us work in the world for you
Fill us now with your love anew

2  They lock up the weak behind barbed-wire fence
And too few speak in their defence
Yet in the prisoner we find you
Help us work in the world with you
Fill us now with your love anew

3  When death has taken those held dear
When faith is shaken, despair draws near
May those who mourn find strength in you
Let us weep for the world with you
Fill us now with your love anew

by Kate Scull, from Tune In, BUC Songbook