Mission Appeal – Pledge Day

During worship on 21st August Ian Ferguson reminded us of the focus of the Mission Appeal and invited us to prayerfully offer our pledges.  Watch here.  Text below. During Notices Shawn invited those watching on livestream to also send through their pledges to brunswick.uc.treasurer@gmail.com using the form included with the letter written by our [...]

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Worship 21/8, Pentecost 11

Jenne Perlstein welcomed us to worship on 21st August.  Our worship focussed on the liberation God offers us though faith in Jesus and his example to heal, to push through limits, to stand tall to praise God and offer ourselves as a church, to embody the power of liberation to all.  We heard the [...]

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Prayer Points 21/8

Ministry Team Mission Appeal Ecumenical Neighbours Assembly President – Sharon ASWC CY&YA Committee Property Committee Mulling group Hospitality Ministry Indigenous Hospitality House UCA Assembly Creatures of the air From the Assembly News Join us in prayer for All those working across the Uniting Church to nurture a culture of safety, security and [...]

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Climate Action News 28/8

On-line Electric Vehicle Forum Cars are responsible for half of all transport emissions in Australia.  So, switching to an electric vehicle (EV) sounds like it would be great for the planet, but how viable is it in Australia in terms of cost, availability and re-charging? UCAN have asked Dr Jake Whitehead, of the Electric [...]

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Mission Appeal – opportunities

During worship on 14th August, Shawn Whelan, Treasurer, reminded us of his launch for the Mission Appeal, the programs/ministries which are the focus for the appeal - the Olive Way and Children, Youth & Young Adult ministries.  Shawn went on to speak about the various ways in which we can provide financial support:  increasing [...]

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