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Ian is the Minister of the Word at Brunswick Uniting Church

Being a Good Samaritan

A reflection on Luke 10:25-37 I refer to the Ear Hustle Podcast in particular the following two episodes: Season 1 episode 10 Getting a Date Season 2 episode 12 Dirty Water [warning: this episode contains graphic descriptions of child abuse]

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Why should we care about refugees?

A reflection on what the bible says about refugees for Refugee Sunday. The Painting above is by Naser Moradi a refugee living in Broadmeadows Detention Centre. See his work here.  Follow this link to an article listing many of the refugee characters in the bible including the passages that describe their displacement. Here are a some of [...]

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A Moral Pentecost

Acts 2:1-21 This week we listened to excerpts from a Pentecost sermon delivered by Rev William Barber II at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York on 5th May 2019 (see Youtube video). A week or so later he delivered the same sermon at the Festival of Homiletics (Preaching) in Minneapolis [...]

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Defiant Hope

Easter hope after Christchurch. A reflection on Luke 24:1-12. I show a number of videos in this reflection: The haka outside the Al Noor Mosque (Tenei Te Ruru begins at 00:47) - I play three excerpts of this through the reflection 1973 All Blacks haka contrasted with the 2015 All Blacks haka Jacinda Ardern's speech [...]

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