Deepening Faith Group

A deep dive into Christian faith  Our first meeting will be next Tuesday 27 September at 7pm. We’ll meet at the manse (Ian’s home) 60 Blyth St, Brunswick. A light meal will be provided (soup and pastries - let Ian know if you have any dietary requirements). Please RSVP for catering purposes We’ll begin [...]

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Deepening Faith

Interested in a deep dive into Christian faith? - perhaps with a view towards Baptism and/or Confirmation? Ian is forming a group to go on this journey together, destination unknown! If you’d like to be part of it or just want to know more about it, please contact Ian on 0438 547 842. [...]

Sunday Prayers, 2/1

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Watch or 12:24 Let us pray… Breathe…  Christmas God, with all creation, our hearts are filled with love, as Christ is born and we hold you in your vulnerability. Breathe… Our hearts are filled with amazement, as Christ grows through childhood and we see your wisdom. Breathe… Our hearts are [...]

Worship, Christmas 2

On 2nd January, Christmas 2, Ian welcomed us to worship for the first Sunday of the new year. Ian reminded us that Christmas continues into the new year as we reflect upon and hear stories about the incarnation, the birth of Christ.  We celebrated the baptisms of Natalie, Arian and Yosef and later Holy Communion. [...]

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Worship, Pentecost 6B

On Sunday 4th July, Pentecost 6B, we celebrated the baptisms on Mozhgan and Asal and with them the confirmation of Joel Hallinan. In the Gospel of Mark we traveled with Jesus to his home town and on out among the villages with the twelve.  Ian invited us to reflect on what this looks like in response to [...]

Sunday Prayers 4/7

Prayers of Adoration & Confession Watch or 6:56 Loving God, creator of all that is, we see your work in the sunshine and the rain, the skies, the earth, the oceans. We wake up each new day uncertain of what is to come but secure in the knowledge of your steadfast love. You are our [...]

Sunday Prayers 18/11

We celebrated Jack Bottcher's baptism Prayers of Adoration & Confession God of new beginnings, you are eternal. From the first sunrise at the beginning of time, From our first cry at the hour when we were born, Until the end of time, until our hour of death, you are our God. Christ [...]

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