News on a Voice to Parliament Article #1 – A step closer to constitutional recognition

I have started a new series, which will be a focus on news regarding the Yes campaign for a Voice to Parliament. Enjoy, Claire Foley 'News from the Yes campaign. We are confident the Australian people will come together and answer with a resounding Yes. We are deeply grateful to the working group [...]

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Sydney Road Street Party 2023

Sunday 5th March was a wonderful opportunity to ‘Share what we care about‘ with the vibrant Sydney Road Street Party Community.  It was cool inside and hot outside.  It was delightful to welcome people into our spaces and to engaging passersby in various activities.  Read the story, check out the photos. [...]

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Learn some FN’s stuff #16: Living Water: A wisdom that speaks heart to heart

This week’s contribution has been sent to me from Richard Arnold. Wisdom is not about cleverness, but the integration of our wounds, says Sarah Bachelard. In her homily, which was given at the service for the opening of the Australian Parliament on 6 February 2023, Dr Bachelard invited the parliamentarians, including Prime Minister Anthony [...]

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Sharing what we care about – UPDATED

The Sydney Road Street Party is back.  We hope you have Sunday 5th March in your calendar.  Now it's time to find out how you can join in the fun from 12:00-3:30pm Our Rainbow is a big drawcard.  Each year we invite passersby to contribute a message.  This year the invitation is simple - 'Tell us [...]

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Learn some FN’s stuff: #13: How can I acknowledge January 26?

There are multiple ways to join together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across these lands now called Australia as we mark January 26th as a Day of Mourning, Survival Day, Invasion Day. Aunty Jean Phillips, Senior Aboriginal Christian Leader, invites the nation to pray to #ChangeTheHeart on 25 January 2023 at 7:30pm [...]

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