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The Windhover

Last Sunday’s video of an eagle during Children's Time (13/10/19) reminded me of this poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins.  It has been suggested that the bird Hopkins saw was a kestrel.  For me, a black shouldered kite would also evoke this sort of response, hanging at ease in the air above its familiar field. [...]

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Writing Prayers

The worship committee hosted a series of three workshops in June and July 2019. Why worship?, on 27th June was the first workshop featuring a conversation with Stephen Burns.  Read more The second workshop 'Writing Prayers' on 11th July was a practical workshop exploring the process of preparing and writing prayers.  Join us for the final workshop [...]

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Refugee Week 2019

During Refugee Week, 16th-23rd June, Brunswick Uniting Church was privileged to host the works of Naser, an artist in detention, supported by Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers, Migrant Mothers from the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre and Johnny Salameh, winner of the Judges Prize at the Sacred Edge Festival in Queenscliff for his installation 'Dictator'. On World [...]

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Holy Week Worship 2019

During Holy Week we carried our Lenten listening on a pilgrimage through our worship.  We sang a pilgrim’s greeting - ‘Peace, Salaam, Shalom’. We marked our listening with a story staff, beautifully sculpted and carved by Colin Hunter.  We remembered and placed the stories of our time alongside Jesus’ story.  We responded to the [...]

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Nourish is back for two sessions this school holidays.  The evening begins with toasties in the Olive Way and games in the hall.  The host for the evening then invites us to remove our shoes and enter into the story space.  On 10th April we listened as Julie Perrin told a story called The Faces [...]

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Love Makes a Way

Lenten Listening Introduction by Natalie Sims - During Lent, our prayers of confession each week are said in response to God’s word of grace and hope. This is a time of listening with respect, to the voices of those in our community who are needy and oppressed, and a time of asking God’s grace to [...]

Respect postcard series

Respect Project In 2018 the Justice and Mission committee commissioned an internal progress review of the Olive Way Program.  Eventually 9 key recommendations emerged together with an underlying desire to create a “community of respect”. The Olive Arts Collective took up the theme of respect and created some beautiful images to promote this critical value. [...]

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