Emergence Creative Arts Exhibition at Brunswick Uniting Church - Emergence Watch the video As we reflect on a year passed, we look back at a year gone, but more pressingly: a present where we find ourselves anew, refreshed but wearied, learned but naïve, undisputedly different. We have added phrases like “new normal” and “self-isolating” [...]

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Climate Action Moreland

Climate Action Moreland – petitions to Moreland Council Moreland City Council, at its recent meeting on 9 June 2021, in updating its response to the climate emergency, unanimously passed the following motion: “That Council, given that the impacts of climate change are escalating, reviews its Moreland Zero Carbon – 2040 Framework with a view [...]

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Love in truth & action

This year's church camp had it all - exploring the camp theme, bush walking, archery, frisbee golf, human hungry hippos, concert, Pentecost banner yarn crafting, 'jamming' in the dining hall, great food and of course worship. Thank you to Courtney Rohde (co-ordinator) and committee - Shawn Whelan and Catherine Drimmel. See the stories and [...]

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Holy Week 2021

We travelled the long Lenten journey with Jesus, reflecting on the gifts of the covenant, the rainbow arch of God’s love, the promise of descendants, the gift of the Ten Commandments, the promise of healing in the desert and the law of love written on our hearts.   In Holy Week we entered Jerusalem, [...]

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Second Wednesday of the Month Book Club – A daytime meeting Our book club meets at Café Marcella for our February meeting. It was lovely to turn up on a Wednesday morning and walk through the Church grounds and see people gathering in and around the church grounds for various activities. As we were [...]

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Thinking about angels

I’ve been thinking about angels. This thinking was prompted by Graeme Garret’s sermon ‘A Trinity of Angels’ on the second Sunday of Epiphany. In this sermon Graeme commented ‘The gospel highlights three major points where angels appear in the life of Jesus.’ The third one referred to Matthew’s telling of Jesus’ temptation, his experience [...]

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Olive Arts Collective returns

We are so excited.  The Olive Arts Collective is returning to the Youth Hall on Wednesday 3rd February, 10am-noon.  We are looking forward to welcoming artists back into the physical space to share stories and make art together. Ann Soo has stepped back from the role of Olive Arts Coordinator after 5 years.  We [...]

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Time for a home

Brunswick Uniting Church believes in freedom, justice and equality for all people. The congregation of Brunswick Uniting Church is dismayed by the inhumane and cruel detention of innocent asylum seekers in hotels and detention centres around the country. Many members are actively involved in organisations that support these people in various ways. As Christians [...]

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Christmas Eve Worship

On Christmas Eve we offered two opportunities for worship - our traditional pageant and evening services both online.  Both are available on YouTube to catch up or watch again. Pageant Pandemic We were taken on a journey through lockdown, isolation and beyond. Written & directed by Caitlin Mullen-Beagley with assistance from Tameka [...]

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