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Riding the Waves with Daniel

The past few months have been transformative for all of us, but particularly for Dan, who returned from London when the pandemic struck. So what happened? Oh boy! Well I taught secondary school in London months before COVID-19 hit. Teaching there was really quite stressful and so different to anything that I had experienced [...]

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Riding the Waves

One Sunday morning in March of this year, vocalist Linda Bull stood on her sister Vika’s front porch and began singing. The performance was filmed and streamed and became the foundation of what they called ‘Sunday Sing Song’, a weekly series that journalist Andrew McMillen said “launched a raft of positivity into a roiling [...]

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Hands that help; hands that heal; hands that bless

Hello BUC art lovers, I vaguely recall an invitation to create some form of art piece to express our experiences of the pandemic and lockdowns. Our experience has been complicated with Jenny’s health challenges through 2020 (cataract surgery January, facial cancer surgery February, radiation therapy Feb/March, lymphoma hospitalisation and biopsy June/July, new medication and [...]

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Olive Way ministry

We just wanted to take a moment to share and celebrate the on-going mission at the Olive Way during these challenging times with the whole congregation. Whilst the doors to the Olive Way may be closed, there are still things happening. The Olive Way has been working with the Salvation Army to help provide [...]

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BUC Climate Action plan

BUC Climate Action Plan Church Council has released the draft Climate Crisis Action Plan! Responding to the plan On Trinity Sunday, Maxine Loynd, BUC Elder and member of the of the Climate Action group, outlined a variety of opportunities to respond to the goals in the draft Climate Action Plan.  Please respond to Shawn Whelan or [...]

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Our first ever virtual camp was a wonderful success.  Thank you to Courtney Rohde (coordinator) who was ably assisted by Shawn Whelan and Amelia Ware.  The big day (Saturday 23rd May) began with an invitation to go on a bush walk/scavenger hunt, a few of the photos are with this story (see all the [...]

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Connecting - to God, to others, to place - Updated Saturday 20th May WELCOME TO CAMP!  Having trouble "connecting"?  Call Shawn on 0418 613 898, any time today, for technical support. We've got a fun-filled program for everybody to enjoy and connect in with our BUC community today. See the attached program for all details, [...]

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Household of God project

In this time of physical isolation everyone is invited to contribute to the BUC's Household of God Creative Arts project. This project is an opportunity for people to offer a creative work in whatever medium you choose - painting, drawing, knitting, craft, music, poetry, story, storytelling, dance, videos, and whatever else comes to mind. [...]

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