Prayers of Adoration & Confession

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During our prayer of Confession, I have focused on words from Psalm 82, a challenging Psalm, where God sits in judgement!  Let us pray.

Holy God, Three-in-One, Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit,
We know that you are a God of justice,
Who created a world of intricate complexity and interdependent wholeness,
With earth, sea and sky,
Fish and sea monsters, plants, birds, animals, and humanity,
You declared it all good,
And you commissioned us to care for it.
To look after the earth,
And to speak up for the voiceless.
We thank you and praise you for the gift of this earth,
For the beauty that surrounds us, and
For the relationships that enrich our lives.
We belong to you.

But Holy God, through the Psalmist, we hear your Spirit asking us:
why is the world so broken?
why do we allow profits to come through exploitation?
why do we allow gaps between rich and poor to increase further?
why do we continue to uphold those who have done wrong to others?

And Christ, who overturned the tables in the temple, we hear you call on us
to give justice to those on the margins,
to maintain the right of the poor,
to rescue the weak and needy, and
to deliver them from those who exploit.

Loving God, we turn to you: the problems we see are overwhelming, too many for us to solve.
Holy Spirit, we turn to you: we hold our world before you, with all its division.
Jesus Christ, Lamb of God: heal our sorrow, take away the sin of the world, grant us peace.

Siblings in Christ, do not despair. Jesus came into a world that was broken,
speaking for the powerless, challenging the powerful, and suffering death on a cross.
Hear the good news of our faith:
Through Christ, in Christ, and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God.

Natalie Sims, offered for worship 14/08/2022, Pentecost 10C

Prayers of the people

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Our God and mother,

In this space
We invite you to sit with us
Sit with us in silence
Sit down beside us like a beloved friend
Hold our hands
Steady our backs

Listen to the halting voices of our hearts
Our late night fears
Our trust in the world rocked by the news of the day

You can hear our yearnings
You can see the pains we hold out to you for healing.
Sit with us

You hold us together
When everything is falling apart

Your voice soothes us to sleep.

Transform us
Help us to release our grip
On the certainty of things
How they are now
How we want them to be
How they will make us feel most comfortable.

Help us feel the joy
Of connecting with you
With other people
And with the world around us.

Sit with all of us
Your love stretching out like the branches of a tree
To loved ones
Our community
And those we may never meet

In their struggles and their fears
May they, too, feel your hands on their heart.


Simone Alesich, offered for worship 14/08/2022, Pentecost 10C