Prayers of Adoration & Confession

O Holy God,
Our hearts adore you,
We are astounded and amazed by your majesty around us:
The cover of the stars at night,
The mystery of new life we see in a baby’s face,
The power of storms and volcanoes.

O Saving Christ,
Our hearts adore you,
We are inspired and challenged by your example:
Your words of justice,
Your action to help those who are oppressed,
Your commitment to follow, even to the point of suffering.

O Loving Spirit,
Our hearts adore you,
We are warmed and spurred on by your presence:
The comfort of community,
The changes for good that happen around us,
The tightness in our chest when we feel your call.

Holy God, Saving Christ, Loving Spirit,
We adore you, and we are in awe of you.
We confess that, even in your presence,
maybe especially in your presence,
We feel unworthy,
We feel fearful,
We feel incapable,
We feel small.
Forgive us.
We know that this is not what you desire for us.
We know that you are our loving Creator, our risen Brother, our Encourager.
Help us to see you,
Help us to see ourselves, in the loving way that you see us,
Help us to follow you, without fear of our own abilities or of what lies ahead.

Sisters & Brothers, when Isaiah stood in the temple,
in awe of God’s majesty, an angel held a live coal
to his lips with the words
“your guilt has departed and your sin is blotted out.”
So, too, through the love of Christ,
we know the good news: our sin is forgiven. Thanks be to God.

Natalie Sims, offered for worship, 27/5/18, Trinity Sunday

Prayers of the People

Creating God, we pray for people who are vulnerable
in our world, in our our church, in our community.
We pray for especially for children
for the children who are forced to work to support their families
for children who have been abused by people they trust
and especially for children who have been harmed by church leaders.
We pray for the children in our community and especially for Jacob
that he may know love and know that he is precious not only to his family
but to us here at Brunswick Uniting Church.
May we act to protect children,
to show them love, and be people they know they can rely on and trust.
When they need someone, may we respond ‘Here I am’.

Redeeming Christ, we pray for places and people of power and influence.
May our world leaders exercise power wisely,
and may they know your way of being powerful.
May the church the power of humility and generosity to the community,
offering our leaders a role model, admitting mistakes
and not seeking to score points.
May we exercise the power we have,
not the least the power to influence,
the power to love, to forgive, to care for the earth.
May we hear the call for generosity of spirit and love
and say ‘Here I am.  Send me’.

Sustaining Spirit, we pray for peace.
Peace between North and South Korea.
Peace between Israel and Palestine.
Peace in Syria and so many other parts of the world
where is conflict.
We pray for peace between ourselves.
We pray that the churches can work together
to show how differences can be resolved without anger or violence.
We pray for people in our relationships, in our families, with our friends.
Where there is disagreement and division,
may we hear your call and be ready to be peacemakers.
May we say ‘Here I am’.

Creating, Redeeming, Sustainig God
As we strive to listen to your call,
May we know your peace, before us and beside us,
guiding, supporting and lifting us up in moments of doubt
giving us the courage to say ‘Here I am’.  Amen

Kirsty Bennett, offered for worship 27/5/18, Trinity Sunday