Holy Week this year will be unlike any before.  Members of the worship committee have worked together to plan each of our four services.  Lots of people have been invited to provide recordings of readings and prayers.  All of the segments have been recorded and compiled into a whole service that will be our gathered worship during this most holiest of times.  Details are provided for each service to help you prepare in your own homes.

  • Holy Week began with Palm Sunday on 5th April – we read and reflect on Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem.
  • Maundy Thursday, 9th April, 7:30pm – we will listen to the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet and share a simple meal of bread and wine or grape juice. To prepare at home you will need a Bible, purple cloth a bowl of water and towels, bread and grape juice to share and five candles.
  • Good Friday, 10th April, 9:30am – we will immerse ourselves in the story of Christ’s agony, his experience of betrayal, crucifixion and death.  We will bring the stories from our Lenten journey to this service.  To prepare at home you will need a Bible, black cloth, a cross (if you don’t have use materials you have at hand to make one specially).
  • Easter Day, 12th April, 9:30am – a celebration of Christ’s resurrection. To prepare at home you will need a Bible, white cloth, cross, bread and grape juice to share, a new white candle.

We have offered prayers during Holy Week

  • Monday with Saide Cameron, liturgist and member of the worship committee
  • Tuesday with Dave Hall, CYYA pastor
  • Wednesday with Peter Blair, Olive Way pastor

On Saturday Peter McKinnon, prayers of the people leader will offer prayers.