Diversity Forum

On Tuesday 25th July Em Loynd led about 20 people, mostly from BUC, in a discussion about gender diversity including trans-gender and non-binary genders.  Em, who has a degree in Gender Studies and is of non-binary gender, shared the presentation they provide to professional bodies and groups.  This included a discussion of pronouns, their [...]

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An affirmation

On Sunday 9th October 2022 Ian offered this affirmation in response to further negative statements about LGBTQIA+ folk by some churches reported in the media (NOTE: it was also blessing of the Animals Sunday hence the canine interruptions).

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Service of Solidarity

On Sunday 24th November we offered a special service of solidarity with our LGBTIQ members.In welcoming us to worship and introducing the service Ian Ferguson said ‘Welcome to this special service of solidarity with our LGBTIQ members, which in a way is not all that special. That’s because every time we worship here in [...]

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Losing My Religion

Losing my religion, and the conversion therapy report – by Anthony Hinds, 3 February 2019 The other day I threw out my Bible. Into the rubbish bin. It was a special edition published by Youth With A Mission, with sidenotes and biographies promoting YWAM teachings. Had it not been so, it might have escaped its [...]

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Assembly President – Pastoral Letter

Dear friends, Please find attached a pastoral letter and prayer from the President of the Assembly Dr Deidre Palmer notifying the Church that the recent Assembly decision about marriage stands and outlining the process the Church has been through over the last six months. I encourage you to distribute this letter amongst your community [...]

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An Open Letter

An open letter to faith leaders about reparative therapy - by Anthony Hinds                                  5 October 2018 Dear brothers and sisters, I write that you might consider my story as you review and reassess your commitment to reparative therapy, [...]

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Same-gender marriage: BUC welcomes Assembly decision

BUC's Church Council welcomes the decision of the national Assembly to allow ministers to conduct same-gender marriages. In a Pastoral Letter to all Uniting Churches, UCA President Dr Dierdre Palmer explains: To honour the diversity of Christian belief among our members, we will hold two equal and distinct statements of belief on marriage. This decision [...]

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