We will continue to use Rita Broadway’s series of 10 paintings ‘Seeing through the eyes of Jesus to inspire and shape our worship.

Palm Sunday, 10th April, 9:30am – worship begins and ends at BUC and includes an ecumenical walk and liturgy

Maundy Thursday, 14th April, 7:30pm – we will focus in on Jesus’ Last Supper, share a meal and Holy Communion

Good Friday, 15th April, 9:30am – we will revisit the Stations of the Cross and focus in on Jesus’ death and burial
* We gathered for worship on Good Friday, visit the post for details.

Easter Dawn, 17th April, 6:30am – we will worship as the sun rises and reaffirm our baptism

Easter Day, 17th April, 9:30am – we celebrate the risen Christ with song, prayer and Holy Communion