Prayers of Adoration & Confession

God of justice, torrential fire of love,
Let us unbind the world from our manageable categories,
understanding that your creation is endlessly intertwined;
fire can both destroy and renew, divide us and bring us together.

Rather than perceiving what we expect to see,
may we turn our eyes toward what is really before us.
Before we rationalise our use of convenient solutions,
may we use our imagination to solve problems with innovation.

Jesus, who came to bring division,
Forgive us for our cowardly suspicion of difference,
encourage us to examine closely the conforming structures of our society
and have the courage to take our own path, as you did.

Holy Spirit, burning ember of hope,
Free us from the bounds of our own fears and anxieties,
Keep us moving through our vulnerabilities and indecision
Trusting that we are loved and will find the right way by your light,
even if we can not see it ourselves.


Know that, although we may face fire and division,
nothing divides us from the love of God.
In Christ, through Christ and because of Christ, our sin is forgiven.

Thanks be to God.

by Amelia Ware, offered for worship, 18/8

Prayers of the People

Our Lord and our God, there is so much pain in our world,
So many places where we need your healing, and your touch,
Help us to know deep within our hearts and minds
that you have called us to be your people,
Your disciples.

We have been created, from the elements, the same to which we return,
And we are sustained by the elements of water, fire, and earth,
These have been gifted us to use, for which we are stewards, servants.
May we use these wisely,
And guard against the greed that so envelops humanity,
Sharing it as we have been gifted.

We stand our neighbours in the Pacific nations
who are anxious about the rise of the ocean waters,
We hear their anxious cries,
even as they fall on the deaf ears of our leaders.

We pray that they would know that they are not forgotten by the rest.
We pray that each of us will continue to choose simplicity where possible,
To reduce our waste, to reduce our emissions and to encourage those around us to do likewise.
Teach us to model responsible care for our planet, and the land in which we live.
Teach us to care for our neighbours who are crying out to be heard.

We pray for our planet, for the earth, for our impact upon it.
We pray we would be conscious of our own impact upon it.
May we listen to the wisdom of our traditional custodians in the way they cared for our land,
We give you thanks for their traditions, customs and laws that have protected the land
And continues to protect the land under our feet.

Let us walk their songlines together, and listen deeply to our creator.
May our life together contribute meaningfully to the respect,
Healing and honour of this land and its people.

May our hearts be burning with the fire of love that you have planted within us,
May that fire ignite within us the spark of compassion for those around us,
The forgotten, the desperate, the needy, the poor and the marginalised.
May they find shelter and peace in this place,
And the embrace of hospitality.


by Peter Blair, offered for worship, 18/8