The Season of Creation, from 22nd September through to 20th October has been a wonderful vibrant opportunity to explore our relationship to and responsibilty for the beautiful fragile planet that is our home.  It is also an example of how our community of communities opens up and gives voice to so much than each of us ever can as individuals.

The ‘Season of Creation’ and the exhibition ‘Let the earth speak’ has been the creative work of many hearts, hands,
minds and voices and it seemed fitting to celebrate it by offering a special edition of the Olive Branch – Season of Creation.  In these pages you can read and listen to stories and look at photos about and from:

  • Opening Night
  • The exhibition
  • Performance night
  • The Forest Prayed CD launch
  • Worship
  • Seven seasons of the Kulin nation
  • Blessing of the Bikes

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone from the BUC Arts, Justice & Mission and Worship committees.