Prayer Points

– The people of Tonga and surrounding islands
– First Nations people
– Students and staff returning to school
– Health care, police and emergency workers continuing to face increased demands in response to COVID
– Church Council and committees reviewing and setting goals for 2022
– Ruth Sandy beginning her role as Olive Way Operations Co-ordinator
– The Olive Way and Olive Arts programs

BUC News

Day of Mourning
During worship on the Sunday after January 26th, 30th January we will give expression to our commitment to truth-telling, justice, healing , Invasion Day, a Day of Mourning. We want to acknowledge that some of  the resources in this service are taken from Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) and the Common Grace movement.  ‘

Olive Way Reopens
The Olive Way has reopened for 2022 from 10am to 1pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.  The Olive Way looks forward to welcoming Ruth Sandy in her role as Oive Way Operations Co-ordinator.
If you are interested in volunteering please send Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor, an email –

Support for Tonga
In response to the devastation wrought by the volcanic eruption and tsunami there are several opportunities to provide financial support to organizations in Tonga supporting people with their immediate needs – access to safe and clean drinking water, rebuilding homes, reconnecting families.  These include:

We are also aware of people within and connected to our congregation who have family in Tonga – Semisi & Frances Tapueluelu and Rev. Natalie Monu-Dixon.  Natalie is organizing direct support for her family and their village who were impacted by the tsunami and volcanic ash.  Please contact Dave Hall, 0417 310 128, if you would like to connect with Natalie.

House cleaning
Bronte Potter would love to hear from anyone looking for a house cleaner.  She has cleaned houses for quite a few BUC people, please ask her for reference checks and/or to request more information, ‭0431 229 572‬.

BUC News

Worship during Lent
The worship committee is meeting on Wednesday 2nd February to plan for worship during Lent.  We will be meeting on Zoom from 7:30 to no later than 9pm.  Please contact Saide Cameron, 0407 096 743, if you would like to know more otherwise meet us on Zoom.  Please look over the Lent Lectionary readings before the meeting.

February & March roster
The rosters for worship in February & March have been emailed out. Please check the email and give Saide a call, 0407 096 743, if any changes are required.

February Olive Branch
The February Olive Branch will be published on Sunday and posted out to regular recipients.

Wider Church News

UC National News, 26/1-1/2

  • Survival Day 2022, more
  • Churches mark a Day of Mourning
  • Australia Day Honours, more
  • More compassion and more places for Afghan refugees
  • Prayer service for Tonga
  • And more
  • Join us in prayer for
    • First Nations people who on Wednesday were reminded of experiences of trauma, racism, disconnection and dispossession. We lament the injustices, past and present, and pray for healing.
    • Emerging generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders to be given a voice and a platform to lead the changes that are needed to move Australia forward as a nation that puts First Nations people at its heart.
    • Uniting Church members acknowledged in the Australia Day Honours for 2022 and all in the UCA who selflessly give their time and service in our worship and community life.