Peter Blair

Olive Way Pastor

Hello, I am Peter Blair. I have spent the past 15 years involved in local mission in Melbourne’s South-East exploring what discipleship on the margins looks like, and finding it in a group of passionate Jesus followers, living in Melbourne’s South East called Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH). I came to love this group for their passionate desire to see the forgotten of our world brought in to loving community, and seeking to challenge the injustices that forces people to the margins.

UNOH profoundly shaped my faith and the way I view the world. It is difficult to not notice the poor and marginalised of the world once your eyes have been opened, and this is what led me to seek out the a place where I could continue to work with those considered the least and lost by the world.

Brunswick Uniting has long provided the space where people who are similarly excluded and marginalised by the community around them are welcomed into loving community. This is what Olive Way is all about, a place that begins with openness and hospitality but provides bridges to so much more. My hope is that all who come to Olive Way will be enriched by their encounter.

M: 0431 193 810