BUC News

COVID update
The COVID Reference Group is once again working to ensure that our community remains as safe as we possibly can be as case numbers continue to rise due to the Omicron variant.
Last week a decision was made to pause offering morning tea after worship for the rest of January.  This decision will be reviewed at the end of the month.
We have received advice from Synod this week which affirms our decisions and provide information about close contacts and isolation.
Please visit the Pastoral Letter post or read the letter here for information about all of the above together with our worship rosters.

Ministry Team News

  • Ian is on leave from 3rd to 23rd January – we welcome Daniel Broadstock (9/1), Graeme Garrett (16/1) and Fiona Bottcher (23/1) as our preachers
  • Dave is on leave from 3rd to 25th January
  • Pastoral Care – for any pastoral care needs during these times please contact a member of the Pastoral Care Compassion Team:  Glenice Cook, 0414 319 649, Gwen Arnold, 0413 047 938, Leanne Salau, 0449 912 092.

Olive Branch
The Emergence Special Edition Olive Branch was emailed this morning celebrating the many ways artists shared their creativity for the Exhibition held in November.
The Advent & Christmas 2021 Special Edition Olive Branch will be emailed this weekend.
Printed copies of both will be posted to regular recipients on the weekend.
The February 2022 Olive Branch will be published on Sunday 31st January.  Please email your reports, stories, photos, notices and any other contributions to saide.cameron@bigpond.com by Monday 24th January.

BUC News

Olive Way
The Olive Way Steering Group met this afternoon.  Options are being explored regarding reopening with volunteers to be consulted before plans are finalised.  If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact Peter Blair, Olive Way Pastor, 0431 193 810.

February & March roster
The rosters for worship in February & March are being prepared with a draft to be available next weekend.  Please email your availability to Saide, saide.cameron@bigpond.com as soon as you can.  If you are interested in being involved in the work of worship in this way please give Saide a call, 0407 096 743, to find out more.

Change the Heart service
You are invited by Senior Aboriginal Christian Leader, Aunty Jean Phillips, to gather together to pray in unison on the evening before January 26…. Join BUC for a screening of Common Grace’s 10th Anniversary Change the Heart service on Tuesday 25th January.  Watch this video from NITV (National Indigenous Television).

Co-Design process – acknowledgement
Some time ago the Walking Together with First Nations Group at BUC,  as well as individual members of BUC, made submissions to the Co-Design Process for an enshrined National Voice to Parliament for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  In response to these submissions we have received a letter of acknowledgement that is displayed on the noticeboard at BUC.

Prayer Points

Ministry Team
For all affected by COVID
Ecumenical Neighbours
Assembly President – Sharon
CY&YA Committee
Property Committee
Mulling group
Hospitality Ministry
Indigenous Hospitality House
UCA Assembly
Creatures of the air