Prayers of Adoration & Confession

Watch or 7:00

God of the prophets you call us home to you
You set signs and wonders before us
to guide us on our way, on the journey of faith.
Your great love enfolds us, flows through us.
Forgive us when we stumble, when we get stuck.
Lift our hearts once more and again
to embrace the hope and joy that shape our living.

Christ child, laid in a manger, God incarnate
You are the embodiment of wonder,
your journey to the cross guides us on our way.
Your great love reveals God to us, opening our eyes.
We are your disciples.
Forgive us when we focus only on the difficulties.
Lift our eyes once more and again
to the everyday wonders that shape our living.

Holy Spirit, dream whisperer, guiding light
You challenge us to embrace the wonder,
the adventure of faith, the delight of the unknown.
Your great love challenges us to open our hearts.
We are children of the light.
Forgive us when darkness consumes us.
Lift our spirts once more and again
to embrace new adventures on the journey of faith.   Amen

God comes to us, a child in the manger,
herald of good news, of hope, peace, joy and love.
Know that in the name of this child, Jesus, Son of God
our sin is forgiven.
Thanks be to God

Saide Cameron, offered for worship 9/1/22, Epiphany C

Prayers of the people

Watch or 39:21

God of the prophets we pray for the world.
As we begin another year facing the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic
we pray for developing countries and communities not yet vaccinated
and give thanks for the work being done to ensure that vaccination is possible.
We pray for all who have lost loved ones, all are who suffering illness
and give thanks for health workers throughout the world, praying for them also.
God of the prophets we pray for healing.
May our hands be healing hands, shaping the world with love.

Christ Child, God incarnate we pray for the church.
As church communities around the world continue to embrace new ways of worshipping
we pray for church leaders and in particular our President – Sharon, and Moderator – Denise
and give thanks for their inspiration, passion, commitment and care.
We pray for our ministry team, church council and congregation leaders
and give thanks for the many ways in which we can all offer and share our gifts.
Christ Child, God incarnate we pray for inspiration.
May our hearts be open to new adventures, shaping the church with love

Holy Spirit, dream whisperer we pray for our community.
As we continue to offer love, care and support in diverse and creative ways
we pray and give thanks for the many ministries that we offer and support –
Olive Way, Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre, Pastoral Care and more
We pray for those among us who are sick, grieving, lonely, seeking work, waiting
and give thanks for your gentle breath at work through our actions
Holy Spirit, dream whisperer we pray for guidance.
May our work be faithful, shaping our community with love.

Saide Cameron, offered for worship by Ray Cameron, 9/1/22, Epiphany C