Brunswick Uniting Church is a vibrant and diverse worshipping community of faith in Brunswick, Melbourne Australia. We invite you to join us every Sunday Morning at 9:30am for worship! Our worship is an inclusive and participatory blend of traditional and modern styles, with great music, insightful preaching and beautiful prayer.

The worship committee’s goals for 2020 are to:
1. Offer worship every Sunday, for liturgical festivals and in response to the world
2. Nurture new liturgists and prayer leaders
3. Include, interact and engage with our young people in worship
4. Explore age specific services through the year
5. Offer multi sensory experiences during worship
6. Ensure that diverse voices and representations are heard and seen in worship
7. Explore daily practices of faith

After worship we enjoy morning tea in our hall – a wonderful opportunity to share a cuppa, good food and conversation.

We share our buildings with the Brunswick Indonesian Uniting Church. Twice a year we worship together on 5th Sundays.

Sunday Morning Worship: 9:30am
Location: 212 Sydney Road, Brunswick (cnr of Merri St)

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Children and teenagers are a really important part of our community.

Music shapes the flow of our worship and enhances the sacred space.

We believe that worship is enriched when we engage all our senses, and so we welcome and value the contribution of a wide range of creative arts in worship.

We regularly observe these two defining symbolic rituals (sacraments) of the Christian faith.

We offer a Meditation group with music, spoken prayers and a reading on Tuesdays, 11am during the Olive Way program.

We gather to share a simple meal of soup & bread and dessert of the fourth Sunday of the month, 6-7:30pm. The time is shaped by a liturgy that invites us to reflect on the week that has passed and to pray for each other.

Being an inclusive community

We seek to be a welcoming, open and inclusive congregation. Respect for each person’s individual experience of God is of the utmost importance as is the safety of children and vulnerable adults.  We encourage and support the participation of people of all ages and abilities in the leadership of worship.

We are aware of the power of words to shape our world. Therefore we seek to use language that is inclusive of all, including a variety of images of God some of which will be feminine.

When reading the Bible during worship we use the New Revised Standard Version which uses inclusive language.